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The aim of the Tavistock Clinic Series is to make available to the reading public the clinical, theoretical, and research work that is most influential at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. The Series sets out new approaches in the understanding and treatment of psychological disturbance in children, adolescents, and adults, both as individuals and in families.

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Reflecting on Reality Psychotherapists at Work in Primary Care

Reflecting on Reality: Psychotherapists at Work in Primary Care

1st Edition

Edited By John Launer, Sue Blake, Dilys Daws
December 31, 2005

Primary care and psychotherapy are in some ways worlds apart. Yet both deal with the same human fundamentals: birth, and death, hope and disappointment, identity and uncertainty. This innovative book looks at how psychotherapists can make use of their skills in primary care. It examines how ...

Turning the Tide The Psychoanalytic Approach of the Fitzjohn's Unit to Patients with Complex Needs

Turning the Tide: The Psychoanalytic Approach of the Fitzjohn's Unit to Patients with Complex Needs

1st Edition

Edited By Rael Meyerowitz, David Bell
October 25, 2018

Since it was founded in 1920, the Tavistock Clinic has developed a wide range of developmental approaches to mental health which have been strongly influenced by the ideas of psychoanalysis. It has also adopted systemic family therapy as a theoretical model and a clinical approach to family ...

Acquainted with the Night Psychoanalysis and the Poetic Imagination

Acquainted with the Night: Psychoanalysis and the Poetic Imagination

1st Edition

By Hamish Canham, Carole Satyamurti
December 31, 2003

This book explores some of the ways in which an understanding of poetry, and the poetic impulse, can be fruitfully informed by psychoanalytic ideas. It could be argued that there is a particular affinity between poetry and psychoanalysis, in that both pay close attention to the precise meanings of ...

Addictive States of Mind

Addictive States of Mind

1st Edition

Edited By Marion Bower, Robert Hale, Heather Wood
January 01, 2013

This chapter, written by a psychiatrist working with people with severe and complex addictions, sets the scene. We are provided with a graphic account of the multiple problems—physical, psychological, social, financial—of someone with severe drug addiction, where sex working and the risks of ...

Borderline Welfare Feeling and Fear of Feeling in Modern Welfare

Borderline Welfare: Feeling and Fear of Feeling in Modern Welfare

1st Edition

By Andrew Cooper, Julian Lousada
December 31, 2005

Which 'forms of feeling' are facilitated and which discouraged within the cultures and structures of modern state welfare? This book illuminates the social and psychic dynamics of these new public cultures of welfare, locating them in relation to our understanding of borderline states of mind in ...

Looking into Later Life A Psychoanalytic Approach to Depression and Dementia in Old Age

Looking into Later Life: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Depression and Dementia in Old Age

1st Edition

By Rachael Davenhill
July 05, 2007

This book belongs to a long tradition at the Tavistock Clinic of work focused on the mental and emotional well-being of the elderly. It applies psychoanalytic thinking to areas that have generally attracted very little sustained attention over the years....

Managing Vulnerability The Underlying Dynamics of Systems of Care

Managing Vulnerability: The Underlying Dynamics of Systems of Care

1st Edition

By Timothy Dartington
December 31, 2010

Clinicians, managers and researchers - as well as politicians and religious leaders - are worrying about a lack of compassion and humanity in the care of vulnerable people in society. In this book The author explores the dynamics of care. He argues that we know how to do it, but somehow we seem to ...

The Anorexic Mind

The Anorexic Mind

1st Edition

By Marilyn Lawrence
January 31, 2008

Eating disorders vary in severity from developmental difficulties in adolescence which may be transitory, to serious and chronic mental illnesses. The Anorexic Mind offers a coherent approach to these difficult and demanding problems, always underlining the point that while many of the ...

The Learning Relationship Psychoanalytic Thinking in Education

The Learning Relationship: Psychoanalytic Thinking in Education

1st Edition

By Biddy Youell
December 31, 2006

This book offers a psychoanalytic perspective on learning and teaching and on many of the issues which preoccupy those who work in educational the origins of learning in children’s early relationships and at factors which help and hinder the educational process in later childhood and adolescence. ...

On Adolescence

On Adolescence

1st Edition

By Margot Waddell
September 05, 2018

Adolescence and adolescent states of mind have seldom captured so much attention publicly, nor have they stirred so much anxiety and disturbance privately. This long acknowledged, problematic, transitional world between childhood and adulthood is especially fraught, these days, with the assaults ...

Conjunctions Social Work, Psychoanalysis, and Society

Conjunctions: Social Work, Psychoanalysis, and Society

1st Edition

By Andrew Cooper
June 27, 2018

Conjunctions engages separately and connectively with therapeutic social work practice, psychoanalytically informed research methods and philosophy, as well as contemporary human service organisational cultures and predicaments, and the societal dynamics affecting social work and psychoanalysis. ...

Psychotic States in Children

Psychotic States in Children

1st Edition

Edited By Alex Dubinsky, Helene Dubinsky, Maria Rhode, Margaret Rustin
December 31, 1997

This volume ofPsychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in China continues the tradition we began last year of featuring cultural issues that confront analysts and therapists as they apply psychoanalytic thinking to their work with Chinese patients and students. Therapy and work with institutions is ...

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