1st Edition

Teach Smart 11 Learner-Centered Strategies That Ensure Student Success

By P J Caposey, Todd Whitaker Copyright 2013
    128 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    128 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    Transform your classroom from teacher-centered to learner-centered! This book shows you how with eleven easy-to-implement strategies you can use immediately to put students at the center! Get your students geared up for success and high achievement with great ideas for

    • providing a roadmap;
    • giving the work back;
    • differentiating daily instruction;
    • communicating for your audience, not to your audience;
    • giving students choices;
    • planning intentional engagement;
    • asking better questions, and so much more!

    For each strategy, you get a clear example of what it looks like in action, as well as a breakdown of how to make it work in your classroom!

    Strategy 1: Begin on Day One
    Strategy 2: Communicate for Your Audience
    Strategy 3: Provide a Roadmap
    Strategy 4: Give the Work Back
    Strategy 5: Differentiate Daily
    Strategy 6: Give Students the Right to Choose
    Strategy 7: Student-First Homework
    Strategy 8: Questioning for Kids
    Strategy 9: Intentional Engagement
    Strategy 10: Connection, Not Compliance: Kid-Centered Classroom Management
    Strategy 11: Seek Feedback


    PJ Caposey, Todd Whitaker


    "This is an excellent book for administrators to aid them in picturing what they would see in a learner-centered classroom as well as to give them focus areas for professional development activities. This book will also help instructional coaches working with teachers to help them implement those strategies. The straightforward voice of this book appeals to me, as we are working to help teachers understand we aren’t making much progress by doing what we’ve always done, and what we’ve always done (with the best of intention) is not necessarily what’s best for kids. As I read, I could … feel the authors’ passion for their work."

    —Susan Gorman, Director of School Improvement, Osawatomie Schools, Osawatomie, KS

    "This is a good purchase for both teachers and administrators. There are lots of great examples that teachers can use immediately in their classrooms. It is also a good book for administrators for two reasons. One: it provides a resource to help teachers who are struggling or looking for ways to increase student engagement. Two: it provides great "look fors" when observing classrooms and teachers. The examples are current and very user friendly. They are broken down into very manageable chunks that can be utilized by teachers immediately. While there may be other books out there with the same intent, I would recommend this one to teachers and administrators."

    Dr. David S. Ellena, Ed.D., Principal, Tomahawk Creek Middle School, VA

    "This book hit the nail on the head. It is very relevant to today’s teaching and would be a great mentor resource. Our new evaluation is based on student-led classrooms, so this book would be very beneficial for teachers to read and utilize. This book totally correlates with our FEAPS (Florida Educator Accomplished Practices) and the Appraisal system we developed. I especially liked the questioning chapter. It cleared up some misconceptions that take place when asking questions."

    Peggy Yelverton, Resource Teacher, Brevard County Induction Program/Alternative Certification Program, FL