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Schooling for Change Reinventing Education for Early Adolescents

Schooling for Change: Reinventing Education for Early Adolescents

1st Edition

By Lorna Earl, Andy Hargreaves, Jim Ryan
April 01, 1996

Focusing on change and reform in secondary and elementary schools, this book explores the possibilities for better schooling for early adolescents....

Key Concepts for Understanding Curriculum

Key Concepts for Understanding Curriculum

4th Edition

By Colin Marsh
January 16, 2009

Key Concepts for Understanding Curriculum is an invaluable guide for all involved in curriculum matters. Now fully updated, this revised and enlarged fourth edition provides not only a solid grounding in the subject but also covers the latest trends and issues affecting the field. Written in ...

Studying School Subjects A Guide

Studying School Subjects: A Guide

1st Edition

By Ivor F. Goodson, Colin J. Marsh
December 01, 1996

School subjects and how they are viewed and positioned within education is the focus of this text. It argues that, as part of rethinking the whole school curriculum, there has been a failure to look at the historical and social background of school subjects....

Fundamentals of Educational Research

Fundamentals of Educational Research

2nd Edition

By Garry Anderson, Nancy Arsenault
April 01, 1998

Fundamentals of Educational Research succeeds in cutting through the complexities of research to give the novice reader a sound basis to define, develop, and conduct study, while providing insights for even the accomplished reader.This best-selling book is of value to all social researchers, ...

Participatory Evaluation In Education Studies Of Evaluation Use And Organizational Learning

Participatory Evaluation In Education: Studies Of Evaluation Use And Organizational Learning

1st Edition

Edited By J. Bradley Cousins, Lorna M. Earl
August 01, 1995

This text focuses on "participatory evaluation", an approach that involves teachers and educational administrators as partners with researchers in a broad range of school and school system-based evaluation tasks with the explicit goal of using such data to improve practice.; Participatory ...

On Writing Qualitative Research Living by Words

On Writing Qualitative Research: Living by Words

1st Edition

By Margaret Anzul, Maryann Downing, Margot Ely, Ruth Vinz
April 01, 1997

This text is both about writing up qualitative research and is itself a qualitative study. The written reflections of students on the writing process and the interpretations and presentations of their findings provide a base of data which the authors have, in turn, analyzed and incorporated into ...

Doing Qualitative Research Circles Within Circles

Doing Qualitative Research: Circles Within Circles

1st Edition

By Margaret Anzul, Margot Ely, Teri Freidman, Diane Garner, Ann McCormack-Steinmetz
April 01, 1991

This is designed for those learning qualitative research and those more advanced in the field. It focuses on understanding both the cognitive processes of qualitative research and the affective feel engendered....

Becoming a Teacher

Becoming a Teacher

1st Edition

By Gary Borich
March 01, 1995

What is an effective school and what is an effective teacher? These are vitally important questions for the beginner teacher; questions which are answered in this book through conversational dialogues between a principal, a pre-service teacher and experienced teachers. The book draws on the mass of...

Beginning Qualitative Research A Philosophical and Practical Guide

Beginning Qualitative Research: A Philosophical and Practical Guide

1st Edition

By Pamela Maykut, Richard Morehouse
September 01, 1994

The authors have focused this book on the serious, beginning, qualitative researcher - theoretically rigorous, yet with an understandable perspective.; The book has three main features. First, it provides a strong theoretical base for the understanding of competing research paradigms. Secondly, it ...

Subject Knowledge Readings For The Study Of School Subjects

Subject Knowledge: Readings For The Study Of School Subjects

1st Edition

By Christopher J. Anstead, Ivor F. Goodson, J. Marshall Mangan
October 01, 1997

School knowledge has been a subject for historians, notably in the field of history of education. concentrating on the educational aspects of particular historical periods, however, links with contemporary education have often remained undeveloped.; This text attempts to account for the growth of ...

Search and re-search What the inquiring teacher needs to know

Search and re-search: What the inquiring teacher needs to know

1st Edition

Edited By Rita S. Brause, John S. Mayher
April 01, 1991

Provides guidance on how to read research and how to conduct research in the classroom. It aims to engender in teachers an awareness of the possibility of research to broaden their outlook of their profession....

Students as Researchers Creating Classrooms that Matter

Students as Researchers: Creating Classrooms that Matter

1st Edition

Edited By Joe Kincheloe, Shirley Steinberg
April 01, 1998

This book focuses directly on student empowerment through meaningful research. It fills a specific gap in educational literature by making explicit the relationship between teaching method, classroom practice, and the production of knowledge. Drawing on the best of theoretical innovations over the ...

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