1st Edition

Teacher's Toolkit for Independent Reading, Grade 3

    by Routledge

    Creating strong, independent readers with conferring requires thoughtful planning, active listening, accurate tracking, and personalized follow-up. Many teachers don’t know where to start; planning effective conferring conversations and selecting the right tools can seem daunting. Teachers Gravity Goldberg and Renée Houser understand how overwhelming conferring can be, so they developed the Teacher’s Toolkit for Independent Reading, Grade 3.

    Designed especially for Grade 3 students, the Teacher’s Toolkit provides an all-in-one conferring system to help teachers: 

    • Access ready-to-use teaching texts, a curriculum guide with grade-level specifics for teaching with focus, and tools to engage students in their individual reading process and progress
    • Learn and model essential independent reading skills for their students
    • Build the confidence to focus on responsive, personalized discussions with students
    • Organize and easily access teaching materials and student progress notes in one place
    • Gain ready access to expert conferring advice provided in the professional book, online videos, and Facebook community

    Each Toolkit includes:

    Grade-Level Specific Teaching Materials

    • Supporting Independent Readers: 25 Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Conferring professional book, Grades 3-5
    • Grade-level specific Your Everyday Guide to Conferring, Grade 3
    • Teacher's Reading Notebook, Grades 3-5
    • Teaching Texts booklet, Grade 3

    Conferring Organizer and Management System

    • 3-ring binder with 32 rewriteable tabs and 5-pocket accordion storage area 
    • Teacher and student-specific sticky notes
    • Convenient zippered binder pouch for storage

    Free content on product page (see Support Material link), as well as Companion Website access

    at https://resourcecentre.routledge.com/books/9781625314000

    • 20-30 videos for sustained professional development and learning
    • Video viewing guide
    • Downloadable tools from Your Everyday Guide to Conferring, Grade 3

    With Teacher's Toolkit for Independent Reading, Grade 3, teachers will have everything they need to prepare, model, track, and manage effective, student-centered conferring sessions with confidence. 

    Teacher's Toolkit for Independent Reading, Grade 4 and Teacher's Toolkit for Independent Reading, Grade 5 are also available.


    Gravity Goldberg is an international educational consultant and author of five books on teaching. She holds a B.A. and M.Ed. from Boston College and a doctorate in education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She serves as a coach for Seth Godin’s altMBA and is the founding director of Gravity Goldberg, LLC, a team that provides side-by-side coaching for teachers.

    Renée Houser is a literacy consultant and co-author of the What Do I Teach Readers Tomorrow series of teacher resource books. She holds master’s degrees from both Old Dominion University and Fordham University and is currently studying the Reggio Emila approach to early childhood through the University of California Los Angeles.

    "This resource acts like a personal guide to help you set up, sustain, and deepen the reading work in your classroom. To have all of these answers in one place is a bounty for any teacher—the first year starting out or the veteran teacher looking for ways to make the work go better." -- Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie Roberts, Authors of DIY Literacy: Teaching Tools for Differentiation, Rigor, and Independence

    "Teachers will LOVE this tool. It is practical, insightful, and artfully balances the needs of students and the needs of teachers. . . . This toolkit will certainly raise the level of both joy and responsive teaching in the classrooms that it touches."--Kari Yates, Author of Simple Starts and co-author of To Know and Nurture a Reader