1st Edition

Teaching Globally Reading the World through Literature

By Kathy Short, Deanna Day, Jean Schroeder Copyright 2016

    With the world visibly present in students' lives through technology, mass and social medias, economic interdependency, and global mobility, it is more important than ever to develop curriculum that is intercultural. In Teaching Globally: Reading the World Through Literature, a community of educators show us how to use global children's literature to help students explore their own cultural identities. Edited by Kathy Short, Deanna Day, and Jean Schroder, this book explains why global curriculum is important and how you can make space for it within district and state school mandates. Teaching Globally is built around a curriculum framework developed by Short and can help teachers integrate a global focus into existing literacy and social studies curricula, evaluate global resources, guide students as they investigate cross-cultural issues, and create classroom activities with an intercultural perspective. Filled with vignettes from K-8 urban, suburban, and rural schools that describe successes and struggles, Teaching Globally aims to integrate global literature into classrooms and challenge students to understand and accept those different from themselves. The book also includes extensive lists of recommendations, websites, professional books, and an appendix of global text sets as mentioned by the authors. '

    Part 1: The Transformation of Curriculum Through global Literature; Chapter 1: A Curriculum That Is Intercultural; Chapter 2: The Social Responsibility of the Reader: Becoming Open to Intercultural Perspectives; Part 2: A Personal Cultural Identities; Young Children's Explorations of Their Cultural Identities; Chapter 4: Connecting and Extending Children's Identities Through Inquiry; Chapter 5: Explorations of Identity with Latina Mothers; Chapter 6: Responses of Native American Children to International Indigenous Literature; Chapter 7: From Knowing to Feeling to Action: A Collaborative Inquiry on Culture and Identity; Part 3: Cross-Cultural Studies; Chapter 8: Sliding Glass Doors That Open South Korea for American Children; Chapter 9: Investigating Nigeria in a Cross-Cultural Inquiry; Chapter 10: Encouraging Cultural Awareness Through an Exploration of Muslim Cultures; Part 4: Integration of Intercultural Perspectives; Chapter 11: Understanding the Past and Present Through Intercultural Perspectives on Forced Journeys; Chapter 12: Creating Intentional Space Through the Close Reading of Intercultural Perspectives; Part 5: Inquiries into global Issues; Chapter 13: Global Children's Literature in Science: The Potential of Inquiry and Social Action; Chapter 14: Children Taking Action on Global Issues; Part 6: So What? Explorations of Intercultural Understanding; Chapter 15: The Importance of Global Literature Experiences for Young Children; Chapter 16: Developing Intercultural Understanding Through Global Children's Literature


    Kathy Short is a professor at the University of Arizona with a focus on global children’s and adolescent literature, literature circles, and intercultural understanding. She has written extensively on literature and served on book award committees. She is director of Worlds of Words and past president of the National Council of Teachers of English.

    Deanna Day weaves her passions—art, children’s literature, and technology—into the literacy courses she teaches at Washington State University. She has served on the Notable Books for Global Society and the Notable Children’s Books for Language Arts award committees. She also reviews children’s literature for Language Arts and The Dragon Lode.

    Jean Schroeder taught and coached in elementary schools in Tucson Unified School District for more than forty years. She has served on and chaired the Notable Children’s Books in the Language Arts award committee. Jean is a founding board member and staff mentor/coach of the inquiry-based IDEA School in Tucson, Arizona.