1st Edition

Teaching Russian Creatively With and Beyond the Textbook

Edited By Svetlana V. Nuss, Wendy Whitehead Martelle Copyright 2024
    230 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    230 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Teaching Russian Creatively With and Beyond the Textbook is a collection of pedagogical narratives that promotes impactful approaches to teaching Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL) when supplementing or going beyond a specific textbook.

    With the lightning pace of modern news, social media, and technology, textbooks quickly become outdated and as a response to these rapid changes, this edited volume showcases a wide range of approaches to teaching RFL with and beyond traditional textbooks. The reader will find many creative ideas and solid practical advice from colleagues who have experimented with task- based language teaching, corpus-based learning, drama-based pedagogy, community-engaged pedagogy, and technology-mediated language learning, while incorporating authentic materials and turning them into living textbooks.

    The book will be a useful resource for Russian instructors and language departments interested in engaging their students with creative and unique courses.

    Teaching Russian Without a Textbook


    1 Teaching Russian Without a Textbook: Trends and Dynamics
                Wendy Whitehead Martelle and Svetlana V. Nuss

    2 Supplementing L2 Curriculum: Research-Informed Practice of What, Why, and How

    Svetlana V. Nuss


    Transcending Language Learning


    3 Combining Experiential Learning Theory and Drama-Based Pedagogy in Advanced Russian Course
                Marina Alexandrova

    4 Learning by Doing: Podcasts in a Low-Advanced Russian Classroom
                Ekaterina Burvikova

    5 Globally Integrated Community-Based Pedagogy for the Russian Classroom: Developing a Historic Walking Tour as a Community Project
                Alyssa DeBlasio, Irina Filippova and Izolda Savenkova


    Bridging the Pragmatic Gap


    6 Functional Everyday Russian: A Pre-Departure Course to Improve Study Abroad Participants’ Willingness to Communicate
                Jeff R. Watson and Olga Dobrunoff

    7 Russian Experience on SpatialChat: Global Simulation of Оdnokashniki
                Ekaterina Budnik and Polina Veselova

    8 In the Dynamic Classroom: Teaching Colloquial Russian
                Wolfgang Stadler and Magdalena Kaltseis


    Prospecting for language


    9 Integrating Corpus-Based Activities into Russian Writing Classrooms
                Maria Yu. Lebedeva and Tatiana M. Obukhova

    10 Usage-Based Model of Language in a Beginning Russian Course
                Serafima Gettys

    11 “Songs Help”: Learning Russian Through the Use of Songs and Animated Films
                Tatyana Cherkes and Jill Neuendorf



    Svetlana V. Nuss is a teacher educator affiliated with the University of Alaska and Grand Canyon University, USA.

    Wendy Whitehead Martelle is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Russian at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA.