1st Edition

Teaching Tenacity, Resilience, and a Drive for Excellence Lessons for Social-Emotional Learning for Grades 4-8

By Emily Mofield, Megan Parker Peters Copyright 2018
    248 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    How can we help students develop resilience to persevere in the face of setbacks? How can we ignite a drive that will inspire them to sustain effort even through difficulty? This book equips teachers to deliberately cultivate psychosocial skills, including self-awareness, problem solving to deal with setbacks, assertive interpersonal skills, and intellectual risk-taking. By teaching students to be aware of how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors affect their pursuit of excellence, students can learn to tackle challenges and setbacks that they might experience as they reach to achieve. Lessons include engaging activities and curriculum connections, covering topics related to perfectionism, mindset, grit, stress, procrastination, social-emotional intelligence, and more.

    Grades 4-

    Acknowledgements Introduction Pre- and Postassessment Part I: Persevering With a Passion for Learning Lesson 1 Ingredients for Success Lesson 2 Talent Meets Passion Lesson 3 Encounters With Eminent Individuals Lesson 4 The Why Factor Lesson 5 Tenacity Lesson 6 Grit Lesson 7 Face-to-Face With Obstacles Lesson 8 Deliberate Practice Lesson 9 Getting in the Flow Part II: Growing Toward Excellence Lesson 10 Growth Mindset Lesson 11 Pursuit of Excellence Versus Perfectionism Lesson 12 Changing Thinking Lesson 13 Facing the Fear of Failure Lesson 14 Handling Mistakes Lesson 15 Dealing With Setbacks Lesson 16 Can Stress Lead to Success? Lesson 17 From Procrastinating to Producing Part III: Guiding Emotion Toward Excellence Lesson 18 Understanding Emotions Lesson 19 Managing Emotion Lesson 20 Hope and Learned Optimism Lesson 21 Self-Awareness Lesson 22 A Matter of Perspective Lesson 23 Interpersonal Problem Solving Lesson 24 Assuredly Assertive References Appendix: Additional Resources and Supplemental Lesson About the Authors NAGC Programming Standards Alignment


    Emily Mofield, Ed.D., is an assistant professor in the College of Education at Lipscomb University. Her background includes 15 years experience teaching gifted students and leading gifted services.

    Megan Parker Peters, Ph.D., is an assistant professor and the Director of Teacher Education and Assessment at Lipscomb University. She is also a psychologist, specializing in the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional learners. She is also the recipient of the National Association for Gifed Children's Hollingworth Award for research on achievement motivation (with Emily Mofield).

    Teaching Tenacity is not a magic pill that will instantly motivate our students to strive for academic excellence. Instead it is a series of thoughtful, research-based lessons that will provide our middle grades students with the tools to make the pursuit of excellence a life-long endeavor. I looked forward to bringing the lessons from Teaching Tenacity to our morning advisory time.,Jenny Randall,MiddleWeb, 4/25/19