1st Edition

Teaching and Program Variations in International Business

    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    Use the Internet and cutting-edge strategies to make your program more competitive!

    To remain competitive in an increasingly global economy, universities must develop effective strategies for teaching international business. A successful program can attract not only the best-qualified local students, but also top-notch students from other countries, enriching the formal curriculum with cultural diversity and building valuable multinational bonds among students.

    Teaching and Program Variations in International Business is an informative guide to successful strategies for teaching international business. It draws on the practical experience of several highly respected international business programs, as well as research into students’perceptions of their university experiences.

    This book covers many aspects of designing an international business curriculum, from the most effective ways to organize international fieldwork to the differences between foreign and domestic students’expectations of the university. In addition, it offers solid information on encouraging cross-cultural awareness and cooperation.

    Teaching and Program Variations in International Business is an invaluable guide to many areas of teaching international business and will give you a working knowledge of:

    • how to use advanced technologies to facilitate virtual teamwork among students in different countries
    • how to harness the Internet to provide an effective, low-cost experience of international cooperation and foreign cultures
    • how to integrate international field experience into a broader teaching strategy
    • what skills students need to operate effectively in other cultures
    • how you can foster global competence and teach critical managerial skills
    • the contrasts between the perspectives of developed and emerging countries
    • how to identify the essential components of a well-designed information system in a global environment

      Any university can teach the facts of international business. Only the best-prepared can teach the truths. Teaching and Program Variations in International Business can help you build a curriculum to help your students learn the truths of working in and with a different culture.

    • Teaching and Program Variations in International Business: Past, Present and Future
    • Strategically Rethinking the Executive MBA International Business Experience
    • Pursuing Global Competence in Undergraduate Business Education: Use of an International Consulting Experience
    • Introducing International Business Experience Through Virtual Teamwork
    • Crossing the International Teaching Divide--The Evaluation of an Internet Based Teaching Project
    • Organizational Learning and Market Orientation in International Marketing Education
    • Learning from Students' Perceptions of International Business
    • Information System Development in a Global Environment
    • International and Domestic Students' Perception of Library Personnel and Resources: Explaining and Predicting the Differences
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Erdener Kaynak (Author) , John R Schermerhorn, Jr (Author)