2nd Edition

Team Development Manual

By Mike Woodcock Copyright 1989
    ISBN 9781138378100
    208 Pages
    Published August 23, 2018 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780566027901
    208 Pages
    Published February 28, 1989 by Routledge

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    In the modern organization most tasks are accomplished by teams. This bestselling manual brings together basic theory, a diagnostic instrument, descriptions of the key elements of effective teamwork and a detailed guide to sources of further information to help, both in the UK and overseas. A particularly valuable feature is the ’building blocks’ questionnaire that allows the manager or trainer to identify specific weaknesses in his or her team and to decide an appropriate action for overcoming them. The companion volume 50 Activities for Teambuilding provides a unique collection of structured experiences for use with the manual. With its practical, down-to-earth approach, Team Development Manual will appeal to managers in every type of organization, as well as to personnel and training specialists and advisers - in short, to everyone with an interest in improving the way people work together.

    Contents: Part I: Basic Theory: What is a team?; What is teamwork?; The stages of team development; The limitations of teambuilding; The role of the team leader; Action planning; Groundrules for team development; Designing teambuilding events. Part II: Diagnosing Teamwork Problems: The 'building blocks' questionnaire. Part III: The Building Blocks of Effective Teamwork: Building block 1 - Balanced roles; Building block 2 - Clear objectives and agreed goals; Building block 3 - Openness and confrontation; Building block 4 - Support and trust; Building block 5 - Co-operation and conflict; Building block 6 - Sound procedures; Building block 7 - Appropriate leadership; Building block 8 - Regular review; Building block 9 - Individual development; Building block 10 - Sound inter-group relations; Building block 11 - Good communications; The building blocks checklist. Part IV: Selecting Teambuilding Activities. Part V Sources of Further Help.


    Mike Woodcock is Chairman of the Challenge Group and a non-executive director of several companies. He is Visiting Professor at the School of Management, University of Lancaster, a Visiting Fellow at Leeds Business School and a consultant and writer. For many years he was a Member of Parliament, serving on the Home Affairs Select Committee and the Select Committee on Trade and Industry.

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