Technical Due Diligence and Building Surveying for Commercial Property  book cover
1st Edition

Technical Due Diligence and Building Surveying for Commercial Property

ISBN 9781138745186
Published September 20, 2018 by Routledge
416 Pages

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Book Description

Technical Due Diligence and Building Surveying for Commercial Property is the first book to introduce the process of technical due diligence (TDD) and examine the role of the building surveyor within the commercial property sector. The book outlines the processes that the surveyor must go through when performing a TDD inspection and report and, most importantly, covers in detail the typical pathology and defects encountered during TDD.

Performing a TDD survey involves collecting, analysing and reporting on a huge amount of information, often under specific contractual conditions. The book covers everything the surveyor needs to know in order to do a proper job and includes analysis of materials, life cycles and potential defects on an elemental basis, with detail on individual components where necessary.

Coverage includes:

• an introduction to the TDD process and types of commercial buildings encountered

• chapters outlining the life cycle and defects of: structures, roofs, facades, finishes and services

• hundreds of illustrations and photographs of defects, real-world case studies and suggestions for further reading

• a final chapter covering legal issues and technical details.

This book fills a clear gap in the literature and is the first fully illustrated book on TDD dedicated to commercial building stock. It will help students and professionals to understand the process, the science involved and the reasons why defects occur, as well as their evolution and long-term impact.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Defining Technical Due Diligence and Commercial Surveying
    2. The Nature of TDD and Commercial Building Surveys
    3. The Acquisition Process
    4. Environmental Due Diligence


  2. Process Overview
    1. Commercial property
    2. Clients
    3. Professionals
    4. Constraints and Checklists
    5. Aims, Objectives and Outcomes
    6. TDD – Desk Survey Prior to the Site Visit
    7. The Visit or Site Inspection
    8. Reporting Process
    9. Further Investigations
    10. TDD and Building Management


  3. Contract Instruction
    1. Outline the Contract Instruction
    2. Scope of Works
    3. Specific Services
    4. Limitations
    5. Programme
    6. Fees



  4. Commercial Sectors
    1. Offices
    2. Retail
    3. Industrial
    4. Residential
    5. Leisure
    6. Public Sector


  5. Roofs
    1. Strength and Stability
    2. Durability
    3. Weathertightness
    4. Thermal Efficiency
    5. Technical Due Diligence Process and Inspection
    6. Inspection Principles
    7. Flat Roofs Versus Pitched Roofs
    8. Cold Deck Versus Warm Deck
    9. Roof Coverings
    10. Parapet Walls
    11. Rainwater Evacuation
    12. Roof Lights
    13. Other


  6. Structure
    1. Low-rise Commercial Buildings
    2. Structural Movement of Low-rise Commercial Properties
    3. Foundation Movement
    4. Medium- and High-rise Commercial Properties
    5. Concrete Structure
    6. Steel Structure
    7. Timber Structure
    8. Structure Summary



  7. Façades
    1. Functional Requirements
    2. Common Façade Materials
    3. Brick
    4. Loadbearing Stone Facades
    5. Painted Stone
    6. Stone Cladding
    7. Metal Façade Cladding
    8. Render
    9. Concrete
    10. Concrete and Industrial Buildings
    11. Timber
    12. Glass
    13. Façade Cladding Systems
    14. Weathering Steel
    15. Vegetation
    16. Graffiti
    17. Facades Summary


  8. Finishes
    1. Common Parts
    2. Surveying Internal Finishes
    3. Site Inspection and Survey
    4. Floors
    5. Walls
    6. Internal Partitions and Doors
    7. Ceilings
    8. Specific Use Areas
    9. Finishes Summary


  9. Building Services
    1. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    2. Electricity
    3. Water/Sanitary Provision
    4. Fire Detection / Alarm /Firefighting
    5. Lifts
    6. Summary of Building Services Assessment


  10. External Areas
    1. Car Parking
    2. Access Roads
    3. Pavements, Patios and Decking
    4. Storage Yards and Hardstanding Areas
    5. Waste Areas
    6. Outbuildings
    7. Lighting
    8. Signage
    9. Fencing and Boundaries
    10. Vegetation and Landscaping
    11. Summary of External Areas


  11. Legal / Technical
    1. Health and Safety
    2. Fire Precautions
    3. Accessibility
    4. Environmental Consideration and Sustainability
    5. Deleterious Materials
    6. Cultural Heritage
    7. Statutory Matters
    8. Rights of Way, Easements and Shared Services
    9. Boundaries
    10. Guarantees and Warranties
    11. Leasehold and Repairing Liabilities

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Adrian Tagg (MRICS) is a lecturer in Building Surveying at the University of Reading, UK. He also runs TechDD Ltd and has over a decade of experience delivering technical due diligence to international investors making acquisitions in Northern Europe.