1st Edition

Technological Change and Industrial Transformation

Edited By Vicky Xiaoyan Long, Magnus Holmén Copyright 2022
    264 Pages 26 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    264 Pages 26 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Industrial transformation is a research and teaching field with a focus on the phenomenon and mechanisms of industrial development and renewal. It concerns changes in economic activities caused by innovation, competition and collaboration, and has a rich heritage of evolutionary economics, institutional economics, industrial dynamics, technology history and innovation studies. It borrows concepts and models from the social sciences (sociology, history, political sciences, business/management, economics, behavioural sciences) and also from technology and engineering studies.

    In this book, the authors present the key theories, frameworks and concepts of industrial transformation and use empirical cases to describe and explain the causes, processes and outcomes of transformation in the context of digitalization and sustainability. They stress that industrial transformation consists both of Darwinian "survival of the fittest" selection, and of intentional pursuits of innovation, and of industrial capabilities creation. The work argues that managing the global trends of transformation is not only about new technology and innovation: existing institutional settings and dynamic interactions between technological change, organizational adaptation and economic activities also have a profound impact on future trajectories.

    The areas under investigation are of great relevance for strategic management decisions and industrial and technology policies, and understanding the mechanisms underlying transformation and sustainable growth.

    1 Why this book?

    Vicky Long and Magnus Holmén

    2 What do we know about industrial transformation?

    Vicky Long and Magnus Holmén

    3 How digital platforms transform industries

    Kent Thorén

    4 Digital transformation of the home help service sector through welfare technology

    Peter Markowski

    5 Doing more by knowing less: The evolution of the division of innovative labour in software creation

    Magnus Holmén and Rögnvaldur Saemundsson

    6 Rags to riches: Digitalization and the transformation of the Icelandic film industry

    Örn D. Jónsson, Steinunn Arnardóttir and Rögnvaldur J. Saemundsson

    7 What prevents machine learning from transforming industries?

    Vicky Long and Jonas Grafström

    8 "Own it" or "share it": Transformations of regulatory and community norms in the Swedish housing market

    Rasmus Nykvist, Andrea Geissinger and Klas A.M. Eriksson

    9 Industrial transformation in the Anthropocene

    Staffan Laestadius

    10 Is the oil and natural gas industry transforming?: Evidence from the offshore Arctic

    Maria Morgunova

    11 The industrial transformation of the Swedish heat pump sector

    Petter Johansson

    12 Conclusions

    Magnus Holmén and Vicky Long


    Vicky Long is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Learning (CIEL) research, Halmstad University, Sweden, and an Associated Researcher at the Ratio Institute. Her current research centres on the digital transformation of Intellectual Property Rights-related appropriability regimes.

    Magnus Holmén is a Professor in Innovation Sciences at Halmstad University, Sweden, where he is the Research Director of the Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Learning (CIEL) research. His current research interests include innovation processes, business model innovation, industrial transformation and digitalization.