1st Edition

Technology, Design and Process Innovation in the Built Environment

Edited By Peter Newton, Keith Hampson, Robin Drogemuller Copyright 2009
    576 Pages
    by Spon Press

    576 Pages
    by Spon Press

    Buildings and infrastructure represent principal assets of any national economy as well as prime sources of environmental degradation. Making them more sustainable represents a key challenge for the construction, planning and design industries and governments at all levels; and the rapid urbanisation of the 21st century has turned this into a global challenge.

    This book embodies the results of a major research programme by members of the Australia Co-operative Research Centre for Construction Innovation and its global partners, presented for an international audience of construction researchers, senior professionals and advanced students. It covers four themes, applied to regeneration as well as to new build, and within the overall theme of Innovation:

    • Sustainable Materials and Manufactures, focusing on building material products, their manufacture and assembly – and the reduction of their ecological ‘fingerprints’, the extension of their service lives, and their re-use and recyclability. It also explores the prospects for applying the principles of the assembly line.

    • Virtual Design, Construction and Management, viewed as increasing sustainable development through automation, enhanced collaboration (such as virtual design teams), real time BL performance assessment during design, simulation of the construction process, life-cycle management of project information (zero information loss) risk minimisation, and increased potential for innovation and value adding.

    • Integrating Design, Construction and Facility Management over the Project Life Cycle, by converging ICT, design science engineering and sustainability science.

    • Integration across spatial scales, enabling building–infrastructure synergies (such as water and energy efficiency). Convergences between IT and design and operational processes are also viewed as a key platform increased sustainability.

    Section 1 Introduction: 1 Transforming the Built Environment through Construction Innovation Peter W. Newton, Keith D. Hampson, and Robin M. Drogemuller. Section 2 Materials: 2 Materials for a Sustainable Built Environment J.-L. Chevalier; 3 Material Environmental Life Cycle Analysis Delwyn Jones, Rajah Tharumaraja, Selwyn Tucker; 4 Service Life of Building Materials and Components Ivan S. Cole and Penny A. Corrigan; 5 Minimising Waste in Commercial Building Refurbishment Projects Graham Miller and Mary Hardie; 6 Future Materials and Performance Terry Turney .Section 3 Design: 7 Building Information Models: Future Roadmap Arto Kiviniemi; 8 Integrated Design Tools/Platform Robin Drogemuller, Stephen Egan and Kevin McDonald; 9 Understanding Collaborative Design in Virtual Environments Leman Figen Gul and M. L. Maher; 10 The Challenges of Environmental Sustainability Assessment : Overcoming Barriers to an Eco-Efficient Built Environment Peter W. Newton; 11 Assessing and Selecting Building Materials on the Basis of Environmental Impacts using 3D Building Modelling Seongwon Seo, Selwyn Tucker and Peter Newton; 12 Estimating Indoor Air Quality During Design Stephen Brown, , Selwyn Tucker, Lidia Morawska, and StephenEgan; 13 Designing for Dissassembly Philip Crowther; 14 Energy-Efficient Planning and Design Michael Ambrose; 15 Design for Urban Microclimates Robin Drogemuller, M. Gokhale, Fanny Boulaire and A. Cuppitt; 16 Socio-Technological Innovation in the Provision of Sustainable Urban Water Services Steven Kenway, Grace Tjandraatmatja. Section 4 Construction: 17 Virtual Design and Construction Martin Fischer and Robin Drogemuller; 18 Internet-Based Construction Project Management Achi Weippert and Stephen Kajewski; 19 Project Diagnostics : a Toolkit for Measuring Project Health Achi Weippert; 20 Engineering Sustainable Solutions through Offsite Manufacture Nick Blismas and Ron Wakefield. Section 5 Facility Management and Re-Lifeing: 21 Towards Sustainable Facility Management Robin Drogemuller, Paul Akhurst, Richard Hough, Stuart Bull, Lan Ding and Chris Lining; 22 Life Cycle Modelling and Design Knowledge Development in Virtual Environments Rabee M. Reffat and John S. Gero; 23 Right-Sizing HVAC Steve Moller and P. C. Thomas; 24 Evaluating the Impact of Sustainability on Investment Property Performance Terry Boyd; 25 Estimating Residual Service Life of Commercial Buildings Sujeeva Setunge and Arun Kumar; 26 Indoor Environment Quality and Occupant Productivity in Office Buildings Phillip Paevere. Section 6 Innovation – Capture and Implementation: 27 Effectively Diffusing Innovation through Knowledge Management Derek H.T. Walker; 28 The Business Case for Sustainable Commercial Buildings Kendra L. Wasiluk; 29 Innovation Drivers for the Built Environment Karen Manley and Mary Hardy; 30 Seeking Innovation: The Construction Enlightenment Peter Brandon


    Peter Newton is Professor at Swinburne University and Director of the Sustainable Built Assets Program for CRC for Construction Innovation

    Keith Hampson is Professor at Queensland University of Technology and CEO of the CRC for Construction Innovation

    Robin Drogemuller is Professor of Digital Design at Queensland University of Technology