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Technology Innovations: Strategies for Business Sustainability and Growth

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The aim of this book series is to understand the latest technologies that are emerging and changing the entire outlook of management and how the emerging technologies are influencing the communication and day to day activities of the organization. The goal is to cover how technologies such as AI, blockchain technology, data analytics, multimedia etc. affect the organization and the impact they have on management. The books will include tried and tested approches, solutions, and case studies. The books will focus on how the latest technologies have changed the outlook of management and offer solutions to various problems that occur because of the impact of these emerging technologies.

If you are interested in writing or editing a book for the series or would like more information, please contact Cindy Carelli, [email protected].  

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Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Applications for Industrial Sustainability Concepts and Practical Examples

Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Applications for Industrial Sustainability: Concepts and Practical Examples

1st Edition

Edited By Vikas Garg, Richa Goel, Pooja Tiwari, Esra S. Döngül
January 30, 2024

The subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuing on its journey of affecting each and every individual and will keep on this path in the times to come. This handbook is a collection of topics on the application of artificial intelligence applications for sustainability in different areas. ...

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