1st Edition

Technology, Literature, and Digital Culture in Latin America Mediatized Sensibilities in a Globalized Era

Edited By Matthew Bush, Tania Gentic Copyright 2016
    302 Pages
    by Routledge

    302 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Grappling with the contemporary Latin American literary climate and its relationship to the pervasive technologies that shape global society, this book visits Latin American literature, technology, and digital culture from the post-boom era to the present day. The volume examines literature in dialogue with the newest media, including videogames, blogs, electronic literature, and social networking sites, as well as older forms of technology, such as film, photography, television, and music. Together, the essays interrogate how the global networked subject has affected local political and cultural concerns in Latin America. They show that this subject reflects an affective mode of knowledge that can transform the way scholars understand the effects of reading and spectatorship on the production of political communities. The collection thus addresses a series of issues crucial to current and future discussions of literature and culture in Latin America: how literary, visual, and digital artists make technology a formal element of their work; how technology, from photographs to blogs, is represented in text, and the ramifications of that presence; how new media alters the material circulation of culture in Latin America; how readership changes in a globalized electronic landscape; and how critical approaches to the convergences, boundaries, and protocols of new media might transform our understanding of the literature and culture produced or received in Latin America today and in the future.

    Introduction: Mediatized Sensibilities in a Globalized Era  Tania Gentic and Matthew Bush  Part I: Technologies in Letters  1. Media Ecstasy, La tía Julia y el escribidor and the Unbearable Glare of Porno-graphy  Sara Castro-Klaren  2. Into the Screen: Inhabiting Media with Mario Levrero  Matthew Bush  3. A Farewell to the Future: Discursive and Visual Representations of Science and Technology in Argentinean Culture  Silvia G. Kurlat Ares  4. Googling McOndo: Papered Multimedia and the Aesthetics of Reading with the Internet  J. Andrew Brown  5. Of Loves and Crimes: Novel, Film, Hypertext  Stefano Tedeschi  6. The Telltale Computer: Obsolescence and Nostalgia in Chile after Alejandro Zambra  Héctor Hoyos  Part II: Technologies of Letters  7. Declassifying the Archive: The Bombardment of La Moneda Palace and the Political Economy of the Image  César Barros A.  8. Poetry in the Age of Digital Reproduction  Daniel Link  9. Holographic Buenos Aires: Urban Memory and New Technologies of Envisioning  Rebecca E. Biron  10. Variations of "Frida": Graciela Iturbide, Mario Bellatin, and La Chica Boom  Ángeles Donoso Macaya  11. Latin American Game Design and the Narrative Tradition  Phillip Penix-Tadsen  12. The Aesthetics of Keyboard Shortcuts  Craig Epplin  13. How to Be a Primitive in the Technological Era  Graciela Montaldo  Afterword: Mario Bellatin’s Writing Machines  Edmundo Paz Soldán


    Matthew Bush is Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at Lehigh University, USA.

    Tania Gentic is Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Georgetown University, USA.