1st Edition

Technology and European Overseas Enterprise
Diffusion, Adaptation and Adoption

Edited By

Michael Adas

ISBN 9780860785255
Published March 28, 1996 by Routledge
464 Pages

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Book Description

Technological innovation was crucial to the process of European expansion: advances in astronomy and navigation and changes in weaponry all contributed to the emergence of European commercial enclaves in Africa and Asia, and the conquest of the Americas. This volume illustrates the ways in which these European technological advantages shaped the expansion of the global system, whilst making clear that Western technology both adapted models from other cultures and was at times seriously challenged by them. In the arts of war, the West had much less of a technological edge over its Asian adversaries than is usually believed. Substantially dealing with the issue of technology transfer between the world and Europe, these studies underline the interactive nature of the process.

Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction; Institutions and technology of exploration, maritime domination and conquest: L'expansion européene du XIIIe au XVe siècle, Pierre Chaunu; The socio-political effects of the diffusion of firearms in the Middle East, H. Inalcik; Western arms in maritime Asia in the early phases of expansion, P. J. Marshall; Malacca fort, Graham Irwin; The impact of firearms on Japanese warfare, 1543-98, Delmer M. Brown; Firearms and warfare on the gold and slave coasts from the 16th to the 19th centuries, R. A. Kea; Technology transfer and intercivilizational exchange and economic change: Les origines coloniales da la civilisation atlantique: antécédents et types de structure, Charles Verlinden; Technological change, slavery and the slave trade, H. A. Gemery and J. S. Hogendorn; Technology and society: the impact of gold mining on the institution of slavery in Portuguese America, A. J. R. Russell-Wood; The early sugar industry in Española, Mervyn Ratekin; Colonial silver mining: Mexico and Peru, D. A. Brading and Harry E. Cross; Evolution of the textile industry of Puebla, 1544-1845, Jan Bazant; Chinese silk manufacture in Jean-Baptiste du Halde, Description...de la Chine (1735), Theodore Nicholas Foss; Melding and competition of European and indigenous technologies and modes of production: Iron is iron ’til it is rust: trade and ecology in the decline of West African iron-smelting, Candice L. Goucher; Decline or survival? Iron production in West Africa from the 17th to the 20th centuries, L. M. Pole; From Calpixqui to Corregidor: appropriation of women’s cotton textile production in early colonial Mexico, Margaret A. Villanueva; The structure of the Indian textile industry in the 17th and 18th centuries, K. N. Chaudhuri; China and western technology in the late 18th century, Joanna Waley-Cohen, Index.

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'European and Non-European Societies and Christianity and Missions along with the other volumes in An Expanding World should become a standard collection for any academic library. The invaluable bibliography, the variety of themes, and the historical problems will engage students of all levels, undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral, in many aspects of early modern and world history for years to come.' Sixteenth Century Journal, Vol. XXX, No. 1