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    The use of more robust, affordable, and efficient techniques and technologies in the application of medicine is presently a subject of huge interest and demand. Technology and Medical Sciences solidifies knowledge in the fields of technology and medical sciences and to define their key stakeholders. The book is designed for academics in engineering, mathematics, medicine, biomechanics, computation sciences, hardware development and manufacturing, electronics and instrumentation, and materials science.


    Full papers
    Modelling, designing and simulating living systems with BlenX, P. Lecca
    Measurement system of the eye vergence and accommodation with 3D hologram stimulation, J. Dušek, T. Jindra & M. Dostalek
    3D modelling for FEM simulation of an obese foot, V.C. Pinto, N.V. Ramos, M.A.P. Vaz & M.A. Marques
    A breast modelling application for surgeons, A. Cardoso, H. Costa, V. Sa & G. Smirnov
    A framework model for e-Health services, M. Macedo & P. Isaias
    A possibility for pos-EVAR surveillance: A novel smart stent-graft, I.C.T. Santos, J.M.R.S. Tavares, L.A. Rocha, S.M. Sampaio & R. Roncon-Albuquerque
    Analysis of the contraction of the pelvic floor through the finite element method considering different pathologies, T.H. da Roza, M.P.L. Parente, R.N. Jorge, T. Mascarenhas, J. Loureiro & S. Duarte
    Anticipatory postural adjustments in post-stroke subjects during reaching, S. Ferreira, C. Silva, P. Carvalho, A. Silva & R. Santos
    Approaches to juxta-pleural nodule detection in CT images, A. Massafra
    Blood flow in artificial bypass graft: A numerical study, L.C. Sousa, C.F. Castro, C.C. Antonio & B. Relvas
    Calibration of free hand ultrasound probe tracked by optical system, K. Krysztoforski, R. Będzinski, E. Świątek-Najwer & P. Krowicki
    Contact finite element with surface tension adhesion, R.A.P. Hellmuth & R.G. Lima
    Crystalline lens imaging with a slit-scanning system, C. Oliveira, J.B. Almeida & S. Franco
    Design of Medical Rehabilitation Devices: A case study, E. Seabra, L.F. Silva, P. Flores & M. Lima
    Development of a flexible pressure sensor for measurement of endotension, I.C.T. Santos, J.M.R.S. Tavares, A.T. Sepulveda, A.J. Pontes, J.C. Viana & L.A. Rocha
    Development of an adaptable system for a stationary bike to convert mechanical energy into electric power applied in indoor cyclism training, J.B. Soldati, Jr., L.A. Szmuchrowski, D.N. Rocha, F.L. Correa, Jr., T.S.P. Sono, C.B.S. Vimieiro & M. Pinotti
    Development of computational model to analyze the influence of fiber direction in the Tympanic Membrane, C. Garbe, F. Gentil, M.P.L. Parente, P. Martins, A.J.M. Ferreira & R.M.N. Jorge
    Electronic device for temperature monitoring during the decompression surgery of the facial nerve, S.S.R.F. Rosa, M.L. Altoe, L.S. Santos, C.P. Silva & M.V.G. Morais
    Ethical aspects in the design of medical devices, J. Ferreira, F. Soares, J. Machado & M. Curado
    Evaluation and implementation of technology in health care, R. Santos
    Frequency domain validation of a tetrapolar bioimpedance spectroscopy system with tissue equivalent circuit, A.S. Paterno, V.C. Vincence & P. Bertemes-Filho
    Highly Focalized Thermotherapy: A minimally invasive technique for the treatment of solid tumours, A. Portela, M. Vasconcelos & J. Cavalheiro
    Identification of rib boundaries in chest X-ray images using elliptical models, L. Bras, A.M. Jorge, E.F. Gomes & R. Duarte
    Improving diagnosis processes through multidimensional analysis in medical institutions, O. Belo
    In vivo measurement of skeletal muscle impedance from rest to fatigue, O.L. Silva, I.O. Hoffmann, J.C. Aya, S. Rodriguez, E.D.L.B. Camargo,F.S. Moura, T.H.S. Sousa, R.G. Lima, A.R.C. Martins & D.T. Fantoni
    Influence on the mandible and on a condyle implant of the distribution of the fixation surgical screws, A. Ramos, M. Mesnard, C. Relvas, A. Completo & J.A. Simoes
    Intensity inhomogeneity corrections in MRI simulated images for segmentation, R. Lavrador, L. Caldeira, N.F. Lori & F. Janela
    Interactive collaboration for Virtual Reality systems related to medical education and training, B.R.A. Sales, L.S. Machado & R.M. Moraes
    Lissajous scanning pattern simulation, for development of a FLO, P. Nunes & P. Vieira
    Measuring the pressure in a laryngoscope blade, A. Silva, J. Teixeira, P. Amorim, J. Gabriel, M. Quintas & R. Natal
    Mechanical properties of temporalis muscle: A preliminary study, V.L.A. Trindade, S. Santos, M.P.L. Parente, P. Martins, R.M.N. Jorge, A. Santos, L. Santos & J. Fernandes
    Medial-lateral CoP-rearfoot relation during stance, T.J.V. Atalaia & J.M.C.S. Abrantes
    Multidisciplinary interactions for the development of medical devices, R. Simoes
    Multi-objective optimization of bypass grafts in arteries, C.F. Castro, C.C. Antonio & L.C. Sousa
    Multiple Sclerosis subjects plantar pressure—A new tool for postural instability diagnosis 197
    L.F.F. Santos & J.M.C.S. Abrantes
    Neurom: A motor treatment system for chronic stroke patients, F.L. Correa, Jr., R.C. de Araujo, D.N. Rocha, T.S.P. Sono, L.R. dos Santos, A.M.V.N. Van Petten & M. Pinotti
    Non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring of Cystic Fibrosis by mass spectrometry of the exhaled breath, S. Gramacho, M. Pineiro, A.A.C.C. Pais, A.M.d’A.R. Gonsalves, F. Gamboa & C.R. Cordeiro
    Noninvasive assessment of Blood-Retinal Barrier function by High-Definition Optical Coherence Tomography, T. Santos, R. Bernardes, A. Santos & J. Cunha-Vaz
    OCT noise despeckling using a 3D nonlinear complex diffusion filter, C. Maduro, R. Bernardes, P. Serranho, T. Santos & J. Cunha-Vaz
    Possible relations between female pelvic pathologies and soft tissue properties, P.A.L.S. Martins, R.M.N. Jorge, A.L. Silva-Filho, A. Santos, L. Santos,T. Mascarenhas & A.J.M. Ferreira
    Processing and classification of biological images: Application to histology, B. Nunes, L.M. Rato, F.C. Silva, A. Rafael & A.S. Cabrita
    Reducing and preventing drug interactions–An approach, R. Barros & F. Janela
    Registration of bone ultrasound images to CT based 3D bone models, P.J.S. Goncalves & P.M.B. Torres
    Segmentation and 3D reconstruction of the vocal tract from MR images—A comparative study, S.R. Ventura, D.R. Freitas, I.M. Ramos & J.M.R.S. Tavares
    Significance of fast and simple determination of catecholamines and their metabolites in patients with Down syndrome, L.I.B. Silva, M.E. Pereira, A.C. Duarte, A.M. Gomes, M.M. Pintado, H. Pinheiro,
    D. Moura, A.C. Freitas & T.A.P. Rocha-Santos
    Study of pressure sensors placement using an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) model, L.A. Rocha, A. Sepulveda, A.J. Pontes, J.C. Viana, I.C.T. Santos & J.M.R.S. Tavares
    Termographic assement of internal derangement of the temporomandibular joint, M. Clemente, A. Sousa, A. Silva, J. Gabriel & J.C. Pinho
    The action of middle ear muscles using the finite element method, F. Gentil, C. Garbe, M. Parente, P. Martins & R. Jorge
    The contribution of the scapular patterns to the amplitude of shoulder external rotation on thrower athletes, A.M. Ribeiro & A.G. Pascoal
    Influence of an unstable shoe on compensatory postural adjustments, A.S.P. Sousa, R. Macedo, R. Santos & J.M.R.S. Tavares
    The use of muscle recruitment algorithms to better assess problems for children with gait deficiency, M. Voinescu, D.P. Soares, M.P. Castro, A.T. Marques & R.N. Jorge
    Using an Infra-red sensor to measure the dynamic behavior of N2O gas escaping through different sized holes, A.P. Slade, D. Convales, J. Vorstius & G. Thomson
    Visual tracking of surgical instruments, application to laparoscopy, P.J.S. Goncalves & A.M.D. Goncalves
    Wavelet analysis of the pupil’s autonomic flow, G. Leal, P. Vieira & C. Neves
    White matter segmentation in simulated MRI images using the Channeler Ant Model, E. Fiorina

    In-silico models as a tool for the design of medical device technologies, J.M. Garcia-Aznar, M.A. Perez, M.J. Gomez-Benito, J.A. Sanz-Herrera & E. Reina-Romo
    3D biomechanical model of the human hand using FEM, D.N. Rocha, R.N. Jorge & M. Pinotti
    Using radiobiology simulators for evaluation of 99mTc Auger electrons for targeted tumor radiotherapy, A.A.S. Tavares & J.M.R.S. Tavares
    Therapeutic contact lenses obtained by SCF-assisted imprinting processes:Improved drug loading/release capacity, M.E.M. Braga, M.H. Gil, H.C. de Sousa, F. Yanez, C. Alvarez-Lorenzo,A. Concheiro & C.M.M. Duarte
    Supercritical solvent impregnation of natural bioactive compounds in N-carboxybutyl chitosan membranes for the development of topical wound healing applications, A.M.A. Dias, I.J. Seabra, M.E.M. Braga, M.H. Gil & H.C. de Sousa
    Potential and suitability of Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) for breath analysis, V. Vassilenko, A.M. Braganca, V. Ruzsanyi & S. Sielemann
    Phosphonium-based ionic liquids as new Greener plasticizers for poly(vinyl chloride) biomedical applications, S. Marceneiro, A.M.A. Dias, J.F.J. Coelho, A.G.M. Ferreira, P.N. Simoes, M.E.M. Braga,H.C. de Sousa, C.M.M. Duarte, I.M. Marrucho, J.M.S.S. Esperanca & L.P.N. Rebelo
    New approach to bone surface reconstruction from 2.5D sonographic dataset, P. Krowicki, K. Krysztoforski, E. Świątek-Najwer & R. Będziński
    Metal-Organic Framework as potential drug carriers against inflammation, I.B.V. Santos, T.G. da Silva & S. Alves, Jr.
    Knowledge based system for medical applications, C.S. Moura, P.J. Bartolo & H.A. Almeida
    In vitro method for test and measure the accuracy of implant impression, F.J. Caramelo, P. Brito, J. Santos, A. Carvalho, G. Veiga, B. Vasconcelos, J.N. Pires & M.F. Botelho
    Improving the resolution of scintigraphic images with super-resolution:Development of a dedicated device, R. Oliveira, F.J. Caramelo & N.C. Ferreira
    Hyperbolic surfaces for scaffold design, H.A. Almeida & P.J. Bartolo
    Finite element analysis of a three layered cartilage, D.M. Freitas, P.J. Bartolo & H.A. Almeida
    External breast radiotherapy treatment planning verification using advanced anthropomorphic phantoms, J.A.M. Santos, J. Lencart, A.G. Dias, L.T. Cunha, C. Relvas, A. Ramos & V.F. Neto
    Blood Volume Pulse peak detector with a double adaptive threshold, J. Medeiros, R. Martins, S. Palma, H. Gamboa & M. Reis
    Bilateral study on arterial stiffness assessment by a non-invasive optical technique of Photoplethysmography, V. Vassilenko, A.C. Silva, A.M. Martin & J.G. O’Neill
    A biomimetic strategy to prepare silica- and silica/biopolymer-based composites for biomedical applications, R.B. Chim, M.E.M. Braga, M.M. Figueiredo, H.C. de Sousa, C.R. Ziegler & J.J. Watkins
    Non-invasive biomonitoring of human health: Technical developments in breath analysis, V. Vassilenko

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    R.M. Natal Jorge, Joao Manuel RS Tavares, Marcos Pinotti Barbosa, Alan Peter Slade