1st Edition

Technology and Medicine Shaping Modern Healthcare

By Bengt Nielsen Copyright 2024
    334 Pages 73 Color & 47 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    334 Pages 73 Color & 47 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    334 Pages 73 Color & 47 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Taking a holistic approach, this book describes the developments in medicine and medical technology from ancient times to modern days. It is an exciting journey where readers will learn about the many great inventions by people that did not take the knowledge of their times as a fact. They challenged mysticism, beliefs, the religion, and the Church. They were true scientists long before we knew how to define what a scientist is. This book is, in a way, connecting the dots between the past and the future within healthcare.


    * Provides details on further developments that gave new and exceptional information for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

    • Gives the reader a new perspective and a common thread of life on medicine and MedTech as well as an improved understanding of how far we have come and how much there still is to work on before we fully understand the human body and its functionality
    • Discusses and gives insight into ongoing research projects that could become clinically available in the future

    Part 1: Healthcare in the historic times

    - Chapter 1: The history of medicine under prehistoric time (2.5 million years ago - 600 years BC)
    - Chapter 2: Ancient Medicine, (700 BC - 476 AD)

    - Chapter 3: Medieval medicine, (400 - 1400 AD)

    - Chapter 4: The Renaissance Medicine, (1350 -1650 AD)

    - Chapter 5: Medicine in the 17-th Century, (1600 – 1700)

    - Chapter 6: Medicine in the 18-th Century, (1700 – 1800)

    - Chapter 7: Medicine & Technology in the 19-th Century, (1800 – 1900)

    - Chapter 8: Medicine & Technology in the 20-th Century …accelerated (1900 - 2000)

    PART 2: Present time

    - Chapter 9: Modern Medicine: from diagnosis to therapy, up to 2022

    - Chapter 10: Molecular Imaging (2000 – up to 2022)

    - Chapter 11: Microscopy and other MedTech equipment for use in the operating room

    - Chapter 12: Developments and discoveries 21st century to present, 2022
    - Chapter 13: Other important MedTech equipment in our hospitals, clinics,
    and outpatient centers that are indispensable today

    - Chapter 14: Medicine and MedTech businesses

    - Chapter 15: Medical Biomarkers, critical tools today and tomorrow

    PART 3: The Future

    - Chapter 16: Our Healthcare System:
    - Chapter 17: An Introduction to the clinical chapters on Cancer-, Cardiovascular-,
    and Neurological diseases

    - Chapter 18: Present status for the Cancer disease, 2022

    - Chapter 19: Present status for Cardiovascular & Heart diseases

    - Chapter 20: Present status for Neurological diseases

    - Chapter 21: Artificial Intelligence, AI
    - Chapter 22: Genomics

    - Chapter 23: What about the healthcare in the developing world?

    - Chapter 24: What type of healthcare can we expect in the future
    - Chapter 25: Conclusions & Summary


    Bengt Nielsen is the CEO of nielseninnovation AB, PhD in radiation physics, hospital physicist in radiology for 11 years and 25 years at GE HealthCare in different international leadership positions primarily within marketing and medical research. Today his work is mainly focused on supporting medical start-up businesses to reach the market and to obtain a clinical introduction, lecturer at the Senior University in Stockholm and participating in expert groups validating research grant applications primarily from Scandinavian researchers.