1st Edition

Technology and Transition The Maghreb at the Crossroads

Edited By Abdelkader Djeflat, Girma Zawdie Copyright 1996

    The Maghreb countries had a promising start in economic growth after independence. For the most part they thrived on industrialisation by import substitution; but unfortunately this strategy left them with macroeconomic and structural imbalances which together have effectively constrained their ability to compete in the world economic system and to catch up with the rapidly changing global techno-economic circumstances. Issues relating to aspects of technology transfer to the Maghreb, strategies for technological and resource development and the integration of education and R&D systems with the productive systems of the economies in the region are discussed along with relevant cases from Mexico, China, South Korea, India and Bangladesh.

    Part 1 Perspectives in technology and transition: new technologies and changing trends in development - global perspective I, Charles Cooper; technology for development - what is appropriate for rich and poor countries - global perspective II, George McRobie; science and technology-based development and transition - the African perspective, Layashi Yaker; strategies for science and technology-based development and transition - the Maghreb perspective, Abdelkader Djeflat. Part 2 Issues in technology and development in the Maghreb: transfer and use of advanced technology in less-developed countries and impact on organizational change and learning - evidence from Algeria, Mohammed Saad; transfer of technology to Algeria by nationals living abroad, Mohammed Said Oukil; national innovation systems - the case of the Arab Maghreb Union, Alain Alcouffe; performance of the education system and profile of industry demand for skills in Morocco, Mehdi Lehlou; tertiary education and technological progress I transitional economies - whither demand pull? Girma Zawdie; science, technology and society - what makes the culture of innovation? Riadh Zghal; irrigation, agricultural development and economic growth in the Maghreb, N.R. Mansfield, Nicola S. Riddell; sustainable energy for development, John Twidell. Part 3 Lessons of experience for the Maghreb: the dynamics in technical change - comparison between the Maghreb and Mexico and the significance of the Maquiladora experience, Denis Requier-Desjardins; the Maghreb road to transition - the appeal of the Chinese experience, Farid Benyoucef; the role of the state in technology promotion I developing countries - an agenda for Maghreb, Mozammel M. Huq.


    Djeflat, Abdelkader; Zawdie, Girma