1st Edition

Technology and the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa Emerging Trends in the Nigerian Manufacturing Industry

By John. O Adeoti Copyright 2002

    This title was first published in 2002. Why do firms adopt pollution control technologies? How can environmental policy be strengthened? How can technology and industrial policies achieve green innovation? This volume critically examines whether the "stimulus-response" notion of environmental policy functions as the primary motivation for the adoption of pollution control technologies. It also questions whether technology and industrial policies can help to achieve the objective of green innovation. Interesting and well-researched empirical case studies offer important insights into the observed trends in the quantitative analysis. Focusing in particular on Nigerian industry, John Adeoti exposes the gains from and constraints upon firms' technology investment in pollution control.

    1: Introduction; 2: Technology Diffusion and Adoption Causalities; 3: Adoption Causalities for Environmentally Benign Technologies: A Conceptual Viewpoint; 4: Adoption of Environmentally Benign Technologies in Nigerian Manufacturing; 5: Research Methodology; 6: Trends in Technology Responses for Water Pollution Control in Nigerian Manufacturing; 7: Technology Responses for Water Pollution Control: An Analysis of Adoption Causalities; 8: Case Study Illustrations of Firms’ Technology Responses for Water Pollution Control; 9: Summary and Conclusions


    John. O Adeoti