Technology and the Soul : From the Nuclear Bomb to the World Wide Web, Volume 2 book cover
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Technology and the Soul
From the Nuclear Bomb to the World Wide Web, Volume 2

ISBN 9780367485337
Published July 7, 2020 by Routledge
360 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

C. G. Jung famously declared that it is not the psyche that is in us, but rather we who are in the psyche. Updating this insight, the second volume of Wolfgang Giegerich’s Collected English Papers examines what must be regarded as the most all-encompassing presence of our lives today: technological civilization. Living within technology, we now find that what we had formerly regarded as psychological phenomena—our feelings and emotions, images and dreams—have been superseded by phenomena bearing the predicates "artificial," "manufactured," and "virtual." Television, the World Wide Web, and the nuclear bomb are cases in point. Far from being mere things among things, each of these has transformed the whole of man’s world-relation. Though deplored by many as soulless on this account, these phenomena, it may be argued, are the real gods, the real archetypes, of the soul today. Psychologically it is not what we think and feel about them that counts, but what they think, what they feel.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments. Sources and Abbreviations. Introduction: The Object of Psychology. PART I: THE NUCLEAR BOMB PAPERS. 1. Saving the Nuclear Bomb. 2. The Nuclear Bomb as a Psychological Reality. 3. The Significance of Our Nuclear Predicament for Analytical Psychology and of Analytical Psychology for Our Nuclear Predicament. 4. The Nuclear Bomb and the Fate of God: On the First Nuclear Fission. 5. The Invention of Explosive Power and the Blueprint of the Bomb: A Chapter in the Imaginal Pre-History of Our Nuclear Predicament. 6. The Rocket and the Launching Base, or The Leap from the Imaginal into the Outer Space Named "Reality". 7. The Fabrication of Time. PART II: TECHNOLOGICAL CIVILIZATION AND "MEDIAL" MODERNITY. 8. The Burial of the Soul in Technological Civilization. 9. The Occidental Soul’s Self-Immurement in Plato’s Cave. 10. The Function of Television and the Soul’s Predicament. 11. The World Wide Web From the Point of View of the Soul’s Logical Life. Coda: A Little Light, to Be Carried through Night and Storm: Comments on the State of Jungian Psychology Today. Index.

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Wolfgang Giegerich is a Jungian analyst, now living in Berlin, and the author of numerous books, among them What Is Soul? and Neurosis: The Logic of a Metaphysical Illness. Giegerich’s Collected English Papers include The Neurosis of Psychology (Vol. I). Technology and the Soul (Vol. 2), Soul-Violence (Vol. 3), The Soul Always Thinks (Vol. 4), The Flight into the Unconscious (Vol. 5), and Dreaming the Myth Onwards (Vol. 6) (all Routledge).