1st Edition

Technology is Dead The Path to a More Human Future

By Chris Colbert Copyright 2024
    238 Pages 10 Color & 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    238 Pages 10 Color & 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    How did we end up here, masters of scientific insight, purveyors of ever more powerful technologies, astride the burning planet that created us, and now responsible for cleaning up the mess and determining the future direction of all of life? And what do we do about it? 

    Technology is Dead is a book that attempts to answer both of those questions. It is a book of both challenge and hope, written for those who are able or willing to lead us out of our global predicament. It is a book for everybody: the politicians, CEOs, community leaders, everyday parents, and young people who understand that we must change our ways to ensure a sustainable future for all living things and the planet we rely on.



    Chapter One                             How Technology Changed the World

    Chapter Two                            The Growing Gap Between Us and It         

    Chapter Three                           Decoding Humans


    Chapter Four                            The Emerging Specters of Threat

    Chapter Five                             Deepening Divisions              

    Chapter Six                              The Shifting Sands of Power


    Chapter Seven                          Beginning with the End in Mind         

    Chapter Eight                            Establishing a New Paradigm of Rule

    Chapter Nine                            Re-engineering Our Systems          

    Chapter Ten                             Changing the Ways of Us      


    Epilogue                                    Re-writing Our Narrative        




    Christopher Colbert is the former Managing Director of the Harvard Innovation Labs and a global speaker and advisor on the convergence between technology, innovation, and humanity.

    "A convincing case for taking the reins of technology and steering it towards outcomes that benefit all of humanity"


    Alan Hassenfeld, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hasbro Toys



    “Chris Colbert is one of the most insightful and essential thinkers today on the rising threat technology poses to all of us. In Technology Is Dead, Colbert not only identifies those threats with uncommon clarity, he also provides a roadmap for a more human and humane relationship with machinery that, after all, we created. A must-read for anyone who hungers for a future where the needs of people, not technology, inform our most vital decisions.” 


    Eric Weiner, award-winning journalist and bestselling author of The Geography of Bliss, The Geography of GeniusMan Seeks God and The Socrates Express.



     “Technology is Dead” provides a practical pathway to embed the best parts of our humanity into our most powerful tools. This book is a must-read for any human who wants to utilize technology to contribute to human progress while minimizing risks and negative consequences. Embedded with compassionate wisdom and a birds-eye view of our species, this book is highly significant for our current era.”


    Raya Bidshahri, Founder & CEO, School of Humanity


    “In our modern society everyone champions innovation as the cure all, the printing press gave us knowledge but also misinformation, the internet democratized access but also created tribalism, Chris rightfully raises the alarm to the potential unintended consequences of the next stage of innovation and what we can do about it.”


    Jon Levy, New York TImes Best Selling author of Your Invited,  Behavioral Scientist, Founder of the Influencers


    "Paraphrasing Churchill, first we create technology and thereafter it creates us. Chris questions if the emerging ‘us' is who we want to be. ‘Technology is Dead’ is an important note in the music of desirable humane change. It is an invitation to be one of the composers, not one of the composed!"


    Robert Lengel, Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Texas at San Antonio,

    President, LeaderWork Inc.


    "Technology is Dead is a vitally important book for our times. Chris Colbert takes an unflinching look at many of the interconnected crises unfolding before our eyes, and illuminates the ways that technology is currently so often part of the problem. His call for a New Humanism is prophetic. It's a must-read for anyone wondering how we might find our way out of the darkness we find ourselves in today."


    Dr. Max Klau, Chief Program Officer, the New Politics Leadership Academy