1st Edition

Ted Hughes Alternative Horizons

Edited By Joanny Moulin Copyright 2004
    184 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    This is the first collection of essays to be published since the poet's death. Continuing a tradition of more than thirty years of Ted Hughes studies, it gathers contributions by most of the major international Hughes scholars, voicing their critical preoccupations at the turn of the century.
    Over the years, academic criticism on the poetry of Ted Hughes has established some well-trodden paths, which this collection still strongly reflects, however, the productions of the latter Hughes, in poetry as well as in criticism, demand a revisiting of the critical discourse on his work. The biographical dimension, for instance, has gradually gathered momentum, and it is no longer possible to study the work of Ted Hughes without due reference to the life and work of Sylvia Plath. This book is, nonetheless, also motivated by the wish to bring some fresh blood to the Hughes studies by politely rocking the boat of a rather comfortably established critical reception that has prided itself on being the mouthpiece of the poet's own ideological discourse. For this reason, some of the chapters in this collection belong to a continental European tradition that is resolutely foreign to the former partisanships. For all that, Ted Hughes: Alternative Horizons suggests that steering clear of the polemical ruts dug by fans and detractors alike can only benefit the future of scholarly studies devoted to a great poet.

    The Deterministic Ghost in the Machine of Birthday Letters; Words to “Patch the Havoc:” The Imagination of Ted Hughes in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath; Complicated with Old Ghosts: The Assia Poems; “Dead Farms, Dead Leaves:” Culture as Nature in Remains of Elmet & Elmet; Ted Hughes’s Crying Horizons: “Wind” & the Poetics of Sublimity; Poetry & Magic; Self-Revelation, Self-Concealment & the Making of the Ted Hughes Archive; Drives & their Vicissitudes in the Poetry of Ted Hughes; Hughes & the Female Addressee; Ted Hughes’s Anti-Mythic Method; In Search of the Autobiography of Ted Hughes; “Earth-Moon:” Ted Hughes’s Books for Children (& Adults); Ted Hughes & the Folk Tale


    Joanny Moulin is Professor of English literature at the University of Provence.