1st Edition

Telecom Extreme Transformation The Road to a Digital Service Provider

    258 Pages 174 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The extreme transformation from a traditional Communication Service Provider (CSP) to a Digital Service Provider (DSP) status is covered in this book, specifically: Redefinition of the offerings of "connectivity services" to "digital services"; unification of legacy redundant networks into one; Redefinition of the measurements to customer-centric QoE for all digital and connectivity services; the Best-in-Industry processes and practices to ensure a sustainable network performance at a competitively operational efficiency; a Service-over-IP (SoIP) platform to enable the introduction of unified new services with a time-to-market urgency; the regulatory arrangement for content purification, to liberalize CSPs to become DSPs; an architecture for data mining and analytics; and a migration plan from a CSP to a DSP status.

    The book is recommended for telecom and digital service professionals planning to embark on transformational projects; telecom and technology equipment manufacturers to help with product development for a DSP status; institutional investors to evaluate and establish their investment decisions; telecom management consultants to help with a solid benchmark for transformation engagement; university students, majoring in telecommunication and technology products as a guide for career planning.

    Preface. Foreword. Future of Telecom. Preparation for Transformation. Assessment of The Present Mode of Operation (PMO). FMO: The Network & Systems. FMO Integrated & Real-Time Dashboards. FMO: Operations- Network & Services. FMO: The Regulatory. FMO: The Transition Mode of Operations. Conclusion. Acknowledgement. Appendix. References.


    Kaveh Hushyar: Former Chief Engineering Officer of AT&T. Cross industry leader in Transformation. MS Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, California.

    Harald Braun: Former President and CEO of Aviat Networks, Inc., and the President and CEO of Siemens Networks LLC. Engineering degree in Telecommunications from the University in Aachen/ Germany. Prominent standards influencer and spokesman in the telecommunications industry and recognized as one of America’s "Top 100 Voices of the IP Communications Industry" by Internet Telephony magazine. Serial High-Tech Entrepreneur in the Digital Economy.

    Hossein Eslambolchi: Former Chief Transformation Officer and president, CIO, CTO of AT&T--- with more than 1400 registered patents, 2017 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Thomas Alva Edison Prestigious NJ inventor Hall of Fame, Info World Global Top 25 CTO award in 2005: PhD in Electrical Engineering from San Diego State University