1st Edition

Telecommunications: A Systems Approach

By G. Smol, M.P.R. Hamer, M.T. Hills Copyright 1976

    Telecommunications: A Systems Approach (1976) uses two extended case studies, of public telephone and television systems, in order to introduce the basic ideas of telecommunication systems. It describes the application of a number of techniques within the context of practical telecommunications systems, and takes into account the needs of the users of these systems and the economic constraints which affect the choice of techniques and the overall system structure.

    1. Introduction and Overview  2. Switched Telecommunication Systems: System Structure  3. Switched Telecommunication Systems: Terminals, Transmission Links and Exchanges  4. Switched Telecommunication Systems: Design and Planning  5. Monochrome Television Systems  6. Colour Television Systems


    G. Smol, M.P.R. Hamer and M.T. Hills