1st Edition

Telehealthcare Computing and Engineering Principles and Design

By Fei Hu Copyright 2013
    748 Pages 306 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    While conventional similar books focus on medical science and social aspects, this book emphasizes computing science and engineering design. This feature can help with both industry development and academic research. It book explains in detail both entire telehealthcare engineering system and individual hardware components. For example, it has circuit design details on ECG /EEG sensors. Highlighting basic principles and deep research development (R&D) details, the book focuses on two important design aspects: medical sensor design and medical signal processing. Their principles can be directly used for practical product design.

    System: Tele-Healthcare Monitoring Networks
    Wearable Healthcare-Monitoring Systems Using E-Textiles and Wireless Sensor Networks, Gregorio López, Víctor Custodio, and José Ignacio Moreno
    Outdoor Wireless Networks for Healthcare Applications: Reliability Optimization through Prognostics and Health Management, Bernard Fong and A.C.M. Fong
    Remote Assessment of Health in Older and Frail Adults Living Independently through Mobility Assessment, Peter G. Jacobs
    Virtual Reality-based Tele-Rehabilitation Computing, Fei Hu, Xiaojun Cao, David Brown, Jihoon Park, Mengcheng Guo, Qingquan Sun, and Yeqing Wu
    Tele-rehabilitation System Based on Augmented Feedback for People with Parkinson’s Disease: Design Principles, Laura Rocchi, Elisabetta Farella, Reynold Greenlaw, and Lorenzo Chiari
    Reconfi gurable Solutions in Telemedical Cardiac Monitoring, Piotr Augustyniak
    Health Technology Assessment of Telemedicine for Patient Suffering from Heart Failure, L. Pecchia, P. Melillo, and N. De Luca
    Cardiac Fetal Monitoring, Mart´ın Rub´en-Clemente

    Hardware: Medical Sensors and Devices
    Healthcare Sensor and System, Hongda Chen, Weihua Pei, and Xu Zhang
    Medical Sensing Using Doppler Radar, Aditya Singh, Olga Boric-Lubecke, and Victor Lubecke
    Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes: Sensor Engineering and Remote Monitoring, W. Kenneth Ward
    Development of A Low-frequency Microphone for Measurement of Bio-signals by Mobile Phones for Ubiquitous Medical and Healthcare Monitoring, Yosuke Kurihara and Kajiro Watanabe
    Small is Beautiful and Smart, James B. Wendt, Saro Meguerdichian, and Miodrag Potkonjak
    Implantable Medical Devices: Architectureand Design, Fei Hu, Qingquan Sun, Yeqing Wu, Mengcheng Guo, Jiang Lu, Jiayin Li, Daniel Justin Gay, Justin K. Garner, and Anthony L. Poellnitz
    RFID For Telehealthcare Applications, Fei Hu, Qingquan Sun, Mengcheng Guo, Yeqing Wu, and Jiang Lu
    Printed Circuit Board Design for Implantable and Wearable Medical Electronics, Michael Rothfuss, Ajay Ogirala, and Marlin H. Mickle

    Software: Medical Signal Processing
    A Systematic Approach for Automated Pattern Recognition in Histological Samples of Multiple Cancers, Nikita V. Orlov and Ilya G. Goldberg
    Multiscale Quality Control of Telemedicine ECG Signal Acquisition, Chen Kan, Yun Chen, and Hui Yang
    Enhanced Remote Health Monitoring: Home Monitoring of Patients Suffering from Congestive Health Failure via Heart Rate Variability Analysis, P. Melillo and L. Pecchia
    Symbolic Approach to Motion Analysis: Framework and Gait Analysis Case Studies, Anita Sant’Anna and Nicholas Wickström
    Speech Analysis for Ambient Assisted Living: Technical and User Design of a Vocal Order System, Michel Vacher, François Portet, Benjamin Lecouteux, and Caroline Golanski
    Medical Image Search and Retrieval for Improved Tele-healthcare, Devrim Unay, and Ahmet Ekin
    Sleep Stage Estimation Algorithm as a One Application for the Ubiquitous Medical and Health Care Monitoring, Yosuke Kurihara and Kajiro Watanabe

    Others: Medical Security and Privacy
    Simultaneous Trust and Privacy in Medical Systems using Public Physical Unclonable Functions, Saro Meguerdichian, James B. Wendt, and Miodrag Potkonjak
    Implantable Medical Device Security From a Machine Learning Perspective, Fei Hu, Xiaojiang Du, Xiali Hei, Alexandru Samachisa, Marcin Lukowiak, Dong Zhang, Shuhui Li, Jie Wu, and Daniel Phillips
    Establishing Ethical Guidelines for Home-based Telemedicine, Y. Tony Yang



    Hu, Fei