2nd Edition

Tellurite Glasses Handbook
Physical Properties and Data, Second Edition

ISBN 9781138075764
Published April 18, 2018 by CRC Press
532 Pages 265 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Tellurite Glasses Handbook: Physical Properties and Data, Second Edition covers the current dominant physical properties of this prototype glass system. Focusing on thermal, elastic, acoustic, electrical, and optical properties, this second edition incorporates the latest scientific data and up-to-date applications of tellurite glass.

New Topics in the Second Edition

  • Nanocomposites
  • Three-dimensional structural models
  • Novel glass-forming systems
  • Innovative ways to combine all physical properties simultaneously, creating new points for research

Addressing the knowledge gap among physicists, chemists, and material scientists in their understanding of tellurite glasses’ properties, this edition gathers essential thermal, mechanical, electrical, and optical data in one source. It emphasizes the physics and technology of twenty-first century processing, fabrication, and behavior of tellurite glass and glass-ceramic materials. It is the first and only comprehensive source of physical constants and properties of these unique noncrystalline solids.

After an introductory chapter on the composition of tellurite glasses, the book explores elastic, acoustic, thermal, electrical, and optical properties. Each chapter includes basic theories on a particular physical property, related experimental techniques, and representative data. The book uniquely presents a compilation of scientific data from the last 60 years as well as practical and strategic applications based on the properties of tellurite glasses.

Table of Contents

Introduction to and Formation of Tellurite Glasses
Crystal Structure and General Properties of Tellurium Oxide (TeO2)
Definition of Tellurite Glasses and Review of Early Research
Preparation of Pure TeO2 Glass
Glass-Forming Ranges of Binary TeO2 Glasses
Glass-Forming Ranges of Multicomponent TeO2 Glasses
Nonoxide-Tellurite Glasses
Mixed Oxyhalide and Oxysulfate Tellurite Glasses
General Physical Characteristics and Structure of Tellurite Glasses
Structure and Bonding Nature of Tellurite Glasses
New Tellurite Glasses
Applications of Tellurite Glass and Tellurite Glass Ceramics

Elastic Moduli of Tellurite Glasses
Elastic Properties of Glass
Experimental Techniques
Elasticity Modulus Data of TeO2 Crystal
Elastic Modulus Data of Pure TeO2 Glass
Constants of Elasticity of Binary and Ternary Transition Metal Tellurite Glasses
Comparison between MoO3 and V2O5 in Tellurite and Phosphate Glasses and K–V Relations
Application of Makishima–Mackenzie Model to Pure TeO2, TeO2–V2O5, and TeO2–MoO3 Glasses
Elastic Moduli and Vickers Hardness of Binary, Ternary, and Quaternary Rare-Earth Tellurite Glasses and Glass-Ceramics
Quantitative Analysis of the Elasticity Moduli of Rare-Earth Tellurite Glasses
Elastic Properties of Te Glasses
Elastic Properties of New Tellurite Glasses

Acoustic Relaxation Properties of Tellurite Glasses
Ultrasonic Attenuation of Oxide–Tellurite Glasses at Low Temperature
Properties of Ultrasonic Attenuation in Nonoxide–Tellurite Glasses
Radiation Effect on Ultrasonic Attenuation Coefficient and Internal Friction of Tellurite Glasses
Structural Analysis of Ultrasonic Attenuation and Relaxation Phenomena
Correlations between Low-Temperature Ultrasonic Attenuation and Room-Temperature Elastic Moduli
Acousto-Optical Properties of Tellurite Glasses

Applications of Ultrasonics on Tellurite Glasses
Ultrasonic Detection of Microphase Separation in Tellurite Glasses
Debye Temperature of Oxide and Nonoxide–Tellurite Glasses

Thermal Properties of Tellurite Glasses
Experimental Techniques of Measuring Thermal Properties of Glass
Data of the Thermal Properties of Tellurite Glasses
Glass Transformation and Crystallization Activation Energies
Correlations between Glass Transformation Temperature and Structure Parameters
Correlations between Thermal Expansion Coefficient and Vibrational Properties
Tellurite Glass-Ceramics
Nonoxide-Tellurite Glasses
Thermal Properties of New Types of Tellurite Glass

Electrical Conductivity of Tellurite Glasses
Introduction to Current-Voltage Drop and Semiconducting Characteristics of Tellurite Glasses
Experimental Procedure to Measure Electrical Conductivity
Theoretical Considerations in the Electrical Properties of Glasses
DC Electrical-Conductivity Data of Tellurite Glasses at Different Temperatures
AC Electrical Conductivity Data of Tellurite Glasses
Electrical Conductivity Data of Tellurite Glass-Ceramics
Electrical Conductivity Data of New Tellurite Glasses

Dielectric Properties of Tellurite Glasses
Experimental Measurement of Dielectric Constants
Dielectric Constant Models
Dielectric Constant Data of Oxide–Tellurite Glasses
Dielectric Constant Data of Nonoxide-Tellurite Glasses
Dielectric and Magnetic Data of New Tellurite Glasses and Ceramics

Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Tellurite Glasses in the Visible Region
Introduction to Optical Constants
Experimental Measurements of Optical Constants
Theoretical Analysis of Optical Constants
Linear Refractive Index Data of Tellurite Glasses
Nonlinear Refractive Index Data of Tellurite Glasses
Optical Applications of Oxide-Tellurite Glass and Glass-Ceramics (Thermal Luminescence Fluorescence Spectra)
Optical Properties of New Tellurium Glass

Optical Properties of Tellurite Glasses in the Ultraviolet Region
Introduction—Absorption, Transmission, and Reflectance
Experimental Procedure to Measure UV Absorption and Transmission Spectra
Theoretical Absorption Spectra, Optical Energy Gap, and Tail Width
UV Properties of Tellurite Glasses (Absorption, Transmission, and Spectra)
UV Properties of New Tellurite Glasses

Infrared and Raman Spectra of Tellurite Glasses
Experimental Procedure to Identify Infrared and Raman Spectra of Tellurite Glasses
Theoretical Considerations for Infrared and Raman Spectra of Glasses
Infrared Spectra of Tellurite Glasses
Raman Spectra of Tellurite Glasses
Infrared and Raman Spectra of New Tellurite Glasses


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Raouf A.H. El-Mallawany is on the Science College, Northern Borders University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has taught physics for nearly four decades and has authored several books and numerous papers. A member of the Materials Research Society and the Arab Materials Science Society, Dr. El-Mallawany has organized or presented at many international conferences and received many honors.


This is a useful reference book summarizing all of the published data about the telluride glass system with an emphasis on their optical, thermal and electrical properties.
-- Carlo Pantano, Pennsylvania State University