1st Edition

Temporal Boundaries of Law and Politics Time Out of Joint

Edited By Luigi Corrias, Lyana Francot Copyright 2018
    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    In the last decade, the changing role of time in society has once again taken centre stage in the academic debate. A prominent, but surely not the only, aspect of this debate hinges on the so-called acceleration of time and its societal consequences. Despite the fact that time is fundamental to the way in which law and politics function, the influence of the contemporary experience of time on law and politics remains underdeveloped. How, for example, does society’s structural acceleration impact on justice? Does law actually offer stability and predictability in an ever-changing global world? How can legal and political institutions function in the wake of ever-increasing uncertainty? Both law and politics employ time to order society but they are also limited in what can be effectuated by time. It is this very tension between temporal possibilities and limitations that the contributors to this collection – drawn from different fields of law, as well as from other disciplines – examine.

    Part I: Justice


    Chapter 1

    Judging the Past: Three Ways of Understanding Time

    Antoine Garapon

    Chapter 2

    Law at the Right Time: A Plea for Slow Law in Hasty Times

    Bart van Klink

    Chapter 3

    Law, Time, and Inhumanity: Reflections on the Impresciptible

    Luigi Corrias


    Part II: Legal Certainty


    Chapter 4

    Airports Built on Shifting Grounds? Social Acceleration and the Temporal Dimension of Law

    Hartmut Rosa

    Chapter 5

    Suspended in Gaffa: Legal Slowness in the Acceleration Society

    Lyana Francot

    Chapter 6

    Uncertain Futures and the Problem of Constraining Emergency Powers: Temporal Dimensions of Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the State of Exception

    Marc de Wilde

    Chapter 7

    Constitutional Preambles and the Uncertain Future

    Nomi Claire Lazar


    Part III: Expediency


    Chapter 8

    Collective Memory, Constitutional Polity and Functional Differentiation of Modern Society

    Jiri Priban

    Chapter 9

    Informing Life: Temporal Politics of Information in the Administration of Pandemics

    Sven Opitz

    Chapter 10

    Immediacy, Potentia and Constraining Emergency Powers

    Bas Schotel


    Luigi Corrias is Assistant Professor of Legal Philosophy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

    Lyana Francot is Associate Professor of Legal Theory, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.