1st Edition

Ten Essays for a 21st Century Socialism

By Tony Andréani Copyright 2025
    206 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book explores possible and realistic alternatives to a capitalism that is no longer sustainable, whether economically, socially, or for a habitable planet. Arguing that these alternatives can only be of socialist orientation, the author moves from a discussion of works that attempted to explain the failure of the socialisms of the 20th century, to a consideration of models for a new socialism.

    Through consideration of issues including the role of public services, the functions of public enterprises, the creation of a socialized sector, planning, and different forms of democracy, this volume espouses a model of economic democracy capable of dealing with market mechanisms without being dominated by them, as new world geopolitics emerge.

    A synthesis of proposals for socialist alternatives to today’s hegemonic form of shareholder capitalism, Ten Essays for a 21st Century Socialism will appeal to scholars of sociology, political theory and economics with interests in contemporary socialism.



    1. Models of socialism


    2. Engels, from one socialism to another


    3. Socialism and economic democracy


    4. Public services and citizenship


    5. Untangling the paradoxes of state ownership


    6. The political institutions of socialism


    7. The public sector in China and its evolution


    8. Discussion on socialism


    9. Socialism as a positive dialectic


    10. Revolutionary transformation or how to walk on both legs


    Tony Andréani is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Paris 8, France. His research explores political philosophy, epistemology, historical materialism, and historical and possible socialisms.

    "Tony Andréani succeeds in combining erudition on socialist theories and practices with pedagogical talent to compose a tool that is as valuable for scholars as it is for all citizens. It’s a civic education guide that offers an original compass for rediscovering the path to sustainable human progress."
    Jacques Généreux, Professor of Economics, Sciences Po Paris, France

    "At long last, an English translation of a major work by Tony Andreani, a renowned French scholar of political philosophy and political science. This work addresses what should be the central question of our time: Given the failure of 'capitalism' to successfully address, not only ever-increasing economic inequality but also the existential threat to our species posed by the warming of our planet, 'What is to be done?' Andreani confronts this question directly, examining carefully not only past failures of 'socialism', but a viable path forward toward a genuine 'economic democracy'. There is still hope."
    David Schweickart, Professor of Philosophy, Loyala University Chicago, USA