2nd Edition

Ten Rungs Collected Hasidic Sayings

By Martin Buber Copyright 2003

    The sacred tales and aphorisms collected here by Martin Buber have their origins in the traditional Hasidic metaphor of life as a ladder, reaching towards the divine by ascending rungs of perfection. Through Biblical riddles and interpretations, Jewish proverbs and spiritual meditations, they seek to awaken in the reader a full awareness of the urgency of the human condition, and of the great need for self-recognition and spiritual renewal.

    The Rung of God and Man -- The Rung of Prayer -- The Rung of Heaven And Earth -- The Rung of Service -- The Rung of The Teachings -- The Rung of The Way -- The Rung of Love -- The Rung of Good And Evil -- The Rung of Pride And Humility -- The Rung of Redemption -- Notes -- INDEX.


    Martin Buber (1878-1965) has been described as the greatest religious thinker of the twentieth century, and was as influential to Christian theology as to Jewish philosophy. A prolific commentator on topics as diverse as art, sociology, education and religious philosophy, and was the author of I and Thou, The Way of Man and Good and Evil