1st Edition

A Selected Edition

Edited By

Christopher Ricks

ISBN 9781405832823
Published October 18, 2006 by Routledge
1072 Pages

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Book Description

This is the only fully annotated and comprehensive selection of Tennyson’s poetry. Acknowledged as a major achievement of editorial scholarship, it has established itself as the standard edition of Tennyson. 

The collection contains in full all four of Tennyson's long poems: The Princess, In Memoriam, Maud, and Idylls of the King. Other key works are included from Mariana, The Lady of Shallott, Morte d'Arthur, Ulysses, and Tithonus through Tennyson's middle life and the Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington, to his last years and Crossing the Bar.


Table of Contents

Note by the General Editor  Prefatory Note to this Selected Edition  Preface to the Complete Edition  Acknowledgements  Chronological Table of Alfred Tennyson’s Life and Chief Publications  Abbreviations  POEMS  Mariana;  Supposed Confessions of a Second-Rate Sensitive Mind; Song [A spirit haunts the year’s last hours];  A Character;  The Dying Swan;  The Kraken;  The Lady of Shalott;  Mariana in the South;  Fatima;  Oenone;  To –. With the Following Poem;  The Palace of Art;  The Lotos-Eaters;  A Dream of Fair Women;  To J.S.;  The Eagle;  Sir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere; The Two Voices;  St Simeon Stylites;  On a Mourner;  Ulysses;  Tithon;  The Epic;  Morte d’Arthur;  ‘Oh! that ’twere possible’;  ‘Break, break, break’;  Sir Galahad;  The Day-Dream;  ‘Move eastward, happy earth, and leave’;  A Farewell;  Locksley Hall;  Audley Court;  Edwin Morris;  The Golden Year;  The Vision of Sin;  The Princess;  In Memoriam A. H. H.;  To the Queen;  To E. L., on His Travels in Greece;  Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington;  Will;  The Daisy;  To the Rev. F. D. Maurice;  The Charge of the Light Brigade;  Maud;  Tithonus;  In the Valley of Cauteretz;  Enoch Arden;  Hendecasyllabics;  Northern Farmer, New style;  ‘Flower in the crannied wall’;  In the Garden at Swainston;  Battle of Brunanburh;  Prefatory Poem to My Brother’s Sonnets;  To Alfred Tennyson My Grandson;  ‘Frater Ave atque Vale’;  To Virgil;  To E. FitzGerald;  The Dead Prophet;  Locksley Hall Sixty Years After;  To Ulysses;  To Mary Boyle;  Far – Far – Away;  To the Marquis of Dufferin and Ava;  Parnassus;  The Roses on the Terrace;  June Bracken and Heather;  Crossing the Bar  IDYLLS OF THE KING  Dedication;  The Coming of Arthur;  Gareth and Lynette;  The Marriage of Geraint;  Geraint and Enid;  Balin and Balan;  Merlin and Vivien;  Lancelot and Elaine;   The Holy Grail;  Pelleas and Ettarre;  The Last Tournament;  Guinevere;  The Passing of Arthur;  To the Queen  Appendices  Index of Titles and First Lines  


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Christopher Ricks is the William M. and Sara B. Warren Professor of the Humanities at Boston University, USA.