3rd Edition

Ternary Phase Diagrams in Materials Science

By D. R. F. West Copyright 2013

    This book provides an introductory treatment of ternary equilibrium diagrams. It presents case studies in the field of metallurgy and material science. It is useful for undergraduates and postgraduates and scientists, who wish to acquire an understanding of ternary phase diagrams.

    1. General Considerations 2. Some Thermodynamic Considerations for Phase Equilibria and Transformations 3. Systems Containing Two Phases 4. Systems Containing Three Phases 5. Systems Containing Four Phases 6. Systems Containing More than Four Phases 7. Principles of Using Liquidus Projections for Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Solidification in Metallic and Ceramic Systems 8. Selected Case Studies of Ternary Systems 9. Answers to Problems 10. Reviews and Compendiums of Experimental Phase Diagram Determination, Current Activities in Phase Diagram Determination and Information Regarding Software Packages for the Thermodynamic Calculation of Phase Equilibria


    D. R. F. West (Author)