1st Edition

Terrapsychology Further Inquiry into Self, Place and Planet

Edited By Craig Chalquist, Garret Barnwell Copyright 2024
    186 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    186 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Reflecting on and exploring the connection between the environments in which we live and our moods, motivations and dreams, this insightful volume takes the growing field of terrapsychology into new and exciting directions.

    This book draws together a group of contemporary voices in terrapsychology to explore lived topics, such as ecotransference encountered with sacred place, alternative mapping and expressions of solidarities with sacred sites, place dreaming, locianalysis, trans-species encounters, deep genealogy, terraplomacy and Hermeticism. The chapters focus on praxis, demonstrating how each author’s relationship with the more-than-human world has been reenchanted, revealing, remembering and co-creating relationships and community for life to flourish.

    Co-edited by Craig Chalquist and Garret Barnwell this collection will interest scholars, students and practitioners across a range of fields, including analytical psychology, environment psychology, and cultural anthropology.


    Garret Barnwell and Craig Chalquist

    A Terrapsychological Engagment of the Elusive Eleusis

    Jen Smith

    Alternative Mapping: Tracking Solidarity to Sacred Sites

    Annabelle Berrios

    Landscapes and Language: Place Dreaming in Terrapsychology

    Matthew Cochran

    Home Birth and the Feminine Ecological Mystique

    Briana Lyndon

    The Pulse of Resilience: A Terrapsychological Inquiry of Land and Heart

    Paige P. DiPrete

    Orcase Calling: A Personal Narrative of My Encounter with Orcas

    Sarah Bean

    Ancestral and Òrìṣà Shrines as Places of Deep Research

    Minerva Arias

    Re-Membering Our Fierce and Tender Love for this World

    Kevin P. Filocamo

    Mother Earth to Loving Water

    Alison Lenora Lambert

    Deep Genealogy: Connections Between Place and Family History

    Lola McCrary

    Terraplomacy: An Ecofeminist Model for Working with Conflict

    CK Blackmore

    Terrapsychology and the Soundscape

    John Patier

    Hermeticism 2.0: An Earth- and Cosmos-Honoring Wisdom Path for Our Time?

    Craig Chalquist

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    Craig Chalquist, PhD, is an academic, administrator, lecturer and writer who works where psyche, place, story and nature intersect. His books include Terrapsychological Inquiry: Restorying Our Relationships with Nature, Place, and Planet (2020). Visit his website at chalquist.com.

    Garret Barnwell is a clinical psychologist and community psychology practitioner. As a psychotherapist, consultant, researcher and writer, Barnwell is focused on the psychological dimensions of climate, land and environment justice for the flourishing of the more-than-human world. Visit his website at garretbarnwell.com.

    "Perhaps, the most important work humanity needs to shift towards is engaging with place – the lands we inhabit, the local ecology, our homes. Terrapsychology: Further Inquiry into Self, Place and Planet offers ways to enter this relationship that break our linear, western paradigms, and brings us back to story and soul. The writings teach us to reinhabit home, learn the herstory and depths of place, mend abuse and create healing, and re-embed our psyches and soma within the collective consciousness of land including all sentient and transpersonal beings. The writings within the book transform our realities and amply provide a path towards home and healing."

    Jeanine M. Canty, CIIS Professor and author of Returning the Self to Nature: Undoing our Collective Narcissim and Healing Our Planet

    "What an exciting gathering of essays on a cutting-edge topic: terrapsychology, a new/old revisioning of our relationships with place and the living natural presences in and around us! This will be an indispensable text for all who study psychology, ecopsychology, ecotherapy and ecospirituality."

    Linda Buzzell, co-editor, Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind, Adjunct Faculty, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA

    “This intriguing work provides one with multiple portals to more soulful connections with Earth, locally and globally. Each chapter invites us to experience our place in the world in new, exciting, and fascinating ways.”

    Jeffrey T. Kiehl, author of Facing Climate Change, Jungian Analyst, Santa Cruz, CA