1st Edition

Territorial Policy and Governance Alternative Paths

Edited By Iain Deas, Stephen Hincks Copyright 2017
    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    260 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In response to both policy and conceptual debates, alternative narratives have begun to emerge about territorial governance and policymaking. As local and regional policy actors strive to respond to the geographically uneven effects of the economic crises of the early twenty-first century, a crucial question emerges: what are the opportunities and challenges presented by alternative forms of territorially based governance and policy?

    The aim of this edited volume, therefore, is critically to explore the opportunities and challenges presented by different forms of territorial policy and governance. Drawing on conceptual debates and empirical research from the United Kingdom and other international contexts, the contributors engage with issues around the politics and governance of territorial development, economic development, planning and regeneration and the environment. Territorial Policy and Governance addresses the question of how alternative forms of territorial governance and policy can help to shape patterns of urban and regional development, highlighting the related opportunities, constraints and challenges that confront their operationalisation.

    This book will be essential reading for international audiences with an interest in territorial development, governance, politics, human geography and planning and regeneration.

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    List of contributors


    1 Introduction

    Iain Deas and Stephen Hincks

    Part I

    Multi-scalar concepts and practices of regionalism

    2 New localism, new localities …

    Martin Jones

    3 Evolving conceptions of regional policy in Europe and their influence across different territorial scales

    Philip O’Brien, Olivier Sykes and David Shaw

    4 Constructing alternative paths to city-region policy and governance

    John Harrison

    Part II

    Flexible regionalism: soft spaces in theory and practice

    5 Alternative planning spaces

    Graham Haughton and Philip Allmendinger

    6 Multi-level geographies of trans-boundary cooperation in Catalonia: governance, planning and ‘cross-border spaces of regionalist engagement’

    Claire Colomb Francesc Morata Tierra, Antoni Dura Guimera and Xavier Oliveras Gonzalez

    Part III

    Mobility and circularity in urban–regional policy

    7 Business improvement districts in the United Kingdom: territorialising a ‘global’ model?

    Kevin Ward and Ian Cook

    8 ‘Where it’s at’: fashions and fads in British local economic-development policy

    Alex Lord

    Part IV

    Embedding environmental concerns in regional governance and policy

    9 From ecotopia to heterotopia: alternative pathways to territorialising the environment

    Andrew Karvonen

    10 The implications of the low-carbon economy for the politics and practice of regional development

    David Gibbs, Andrew E.G. Jonas and Aidan While

    11 The production and consumption of urban-climatology science in New York City’s PlaNYC



    Iain Deas is a Senior Lecturer in Planning and Environmental Management at the University of Manchester, UK.

    Stephen Hincks is a Senior Lecturer in Planning and Environmental Management at the University of Manchester, UK.