1st Edition

Terrorism The Power and Weakness of Fear

By Juan Romero Copyright 2022
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book adopts an innovative historical approach to Terrorism, focusing on the weaknesses of terrorist states and organizations as reflected in the ideologies, methodologies and propaganda of Russian populist, National Socialist and Islamic Terrorism.

    Drawing upon multilingual primary sources, the book challenges the oft repeated claim that the Nazi regime and Islamic State produced propaganda of superior quality, instead arguing that the manipulation of information is the Achilles heel of terrorist organizations. It offers a critical examination of the fears of terrorists themselves, as opposed to the traditional focus on the fear instilled by terrorist organizations in governments and citizens. Taking a multidisciplinary approach and long-term history perspective, the book provides a method for exploring the minds of terrorists and the inner workings of their organizations and traces the evolution of terrorist thought and methodology across time and place.

    This is the ideal volume for researchers of Terrorism within the fields of History, Politics, Security Studies, Religious Studies and Legal Studies.


    1. Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Extremist Movements

    2. Was Russian Terrorism a True Instrument of the People?

    3. Methodology of Russian Terrorism

    4. Ideology of the National Socialist Terrorist State

    5. National Socialist Propaganda

    6. Interpretations of Jihad

    7. Rules of Jihad

    8. Precursors to the Islamic State

    9. Islamic State Media Production and Islam

    10. Islamic State Legitimacy and Perception of the Enemy

    11. The Eleven Fears of Islamic Terrorist Organizations

    12. A Comparative Evolution of Terrorism



    Juan Romero is Associate Professor at Western Kentucky University, USA.