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    The history of terrorism stretches back nearly two thousand years and terrorism, both in the forms of terrorist groups and terror regimes, is an inherent part of the modern world: from Anarchist groups to al-Qaida; from Hitler’s Germany and SS to al-Bashir’s Sudan and Janjaweed militias. It is a subject of high current interest that is rarely out of the news (not least as the legacy of ‘9/11’) and it is also of enduring interest. 

    As a new volume in the Seminar Studies series, Terrorism has been brought up-to-date and now looks at both contemporary terrorism and its historical antecedents, providing a much needed introduction to the subject. 


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    1  Terrorism: Past and Present

    2  The Concept of Terrorism

    3  Revolutionary Reigns of Terror

    4  Totalitarian Terror Regimes

    5  State Terrorism at Home and Abroad

    6  Terrorist Groups from Within Liberal Democracies

    7  Terrorist Groups and Repressive Regimes

    8  International and Transnational Terrorism

    9  Terrorism: Past, Present and Future



    1   Declaration of the Delegates of the Italian Federation of the Anarchist International of 3 December 1876   

    2   Emile Henry ‘A Terrorist’s Defence’

    3   The Law of Suspects 1793

    4   ‘The Cheka Orders the Arrest and Shooting of Counter-Revolutionists’, Order of 22 February 1918, and the Consequences Reported, ‘Executions’ 19 April 1918

    5   VTsIK Resolution 2 September 1918

    6   Red Terror in Ethiopia, November 1977

    7   Detentions and Executions in Iran, 1979-82

    8   Hannah Arendt ‘The Secret Police’

    9   Prisoners in Gulag Corrective Labour Camps and Colonies 1934-53

    10   The Annihilation Camps

    11   Approximate Death Tolls in Democratic Kampuchea, 1975-9

    12   Iraq: Directive SF/4008, 20 June 1987

    13   From Madness to Hope: The 12-Year War in El Salvador, Report of the Commission on the Truth for El Salvador United Nations Doc. S/25500, 1 April 1993

    14   From Civil Rights Supporter to Member of the IRA

    15   Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Speeches

    16   Osama Bin Laden 'Declaration of War Against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places' 1996

    17   Fatwah Urging Jihad Against Americans, 1998

    18   The Al Qaida Training Manual


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    Rosemary H.T. O'Kane

    "Sweeping in its historical overview and authoritative in its scholarship, O'Kane's latest book is an excellent introduction to the complex and multifaceted phenomenon that is terrorism. Written in an engaging and student-friendly style, ... this will be a core text book for students in the areas of terrorism studies and conflict ... this book is a concise, authoritative and invaluable introduction and guide."

    – Dr John Barry, Queens University Belfast.