510 Pages 115 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    510 Pages 115 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its 11th edition, Texas: The Lone Star State offers a balanced, scholarly overview of the second largest state in the United States, spanning from prehistory to the twenty-first century.

    Organized chronologically, this comprehensive survey introduces undergraduates to the varied history of Texas with an accessible narrative and over 100 illustrations and maps. This new edition broadens the discussion of postwar social and political dynamics within the state, including the development of key industries and changing demographics. Other new features include:

    • New maps reflecting county by county results for the most recent presidential elections

    • Expanded discussions on immigration and border security

    • The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Texas and a look to the future

    • Updated bibliographies to reflect the most recent scholarship

    This textbook is essential reading for students of American history.

    1. The Land and Its First People  2. Spanish Texas -- Exploration and Occupation 1519-1763  3. Spanish Texas -- The Last Year -- 1763-1821  4. Mexican Texas  5. The Prelude to Revolution, 1826-1835  6. The Texas Revolution, 1835-1836  7. The Republic of Texas, 1836-1845  8. Early Statehood, 1846-1861  9. Pioneer Institutions  10. Secession and War, 1860-1865  11. Restoring Texas to the Union 1865-1874  12. From Reconstruction to Reform 1874-1890  13. Cultural Conflict on the Frontier  14. The Populists and Progressives, 1890-1910  15. Life at the Turn of the Century  16. Crusades and Complacency 1910-1930  17. The Great Depression and the Second World War, 1930-1945  18. Postwar Texas, 1945-1963  19. The Politics of an Urban Land, 1963-1995  20. Republication Texas, 1995-2020


    The late Rupert N. Richardson was Professor of History at Simmons College, USA.

    Cary D. Wintz is the Distinguished Professor of History at Texas Southern University, USA. He is the co-editor of Major Problems in Texas History and Discovering Texas History, and most noted for his work in African American history, especially the Harlem Renaissance.

    Angela Boswell is Professor of History at Henderson State University in Arkansas, USA. She is the author of Women in Texas History and Her Act and Deed: Women’s Lives in a Rural Southern County, as well as co-editor of books on southern and Texas history.

    The late Adrian Anderson was Professor of History at Lamar University, USA.

    The late Ernest Wallace was Professor of History at Texas Technological College, USA.