1st Edition

Text Sets in Action Pathways Through Content Area Literacy

    Finding ways to organize your classroom instruction for knowledge building and literacy learning can be challenging. How can you incorporate more nonfiction and informational text in your content area curriculum while expanding and deepening representation with diverse texts? What can motivate student learning while providing equity and access for different learning styles and needs? Text sets are the answer!In Text Sets in Action: Pathways Through Content Area Literacy, authors Erika Thulin Dawes and Mary Ann Cappiello demonstrate how text sets offer students the opportunity to build critical thinking skills and informational literacy while generating interest and engagement across the content areas. Put your students in the center of the meaning-making in your classroom with multimodal multi-genre text sets in action. In Text Sets in Action, the authors:

    • Model how text sets build foundational skills and metacognitive strategies as students experience a carefully scaffolded and sequenced exploration of ideas, academic, and content vocabulary
    • Explain how text sets encourage classroom discussion by having students ask questions about what they read, debate different perspectives, and relate the texts to their own personal experiences and the changes they would like to see in the world
    • Show how children's literature and multimodal, multi-genre texts can serve as mentor texts for student writing and inspire creativity and advocacy
    • Demonstrate how to curate text sets that can introduce diverse and underrepresented voices into the classroom, fostering appreciation for different points of view and generate deeper critical thinking
    • Provide resources and suggestions for designing text sets a multimodal, multi-genre text set can include children's literature of all genres, as well as digital texts, YouTube videos, news articles, podcasts, and more
    Text Sets in Action will help you create a collection of text sets that can be added to or edited over the years to align with your lesson plan goals. Teachers who have adopted this approach saw greater student reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. By introducing a multitude of text, teachers will ignite a spirit of inquiry and engagement for lifelong learning.

    Part 1: Defining and Designing Text Sets; Chapter 1: Text Sets as Tools to Dig Deeper and to Consider Content; Chapter 2: How Do Text Sets Cultivate Disciplinary Literacy and Critical Thinking?; Part II: Examples; Chapter 3: Genre and Theme in Language Arts; Chapter 4: Perspectives and Representations in Social Studies; Chapter 5: Evidence and Inquiry in Science; Chapter 6: Problem Solving and Visualizing Data in Mathematics; Part III: Invitations; Chapter 7: Language Arts Invitations; Chapter 8: Social Studies Invitations; Chapter 9: Science Invitations: Ocean Interdependencies; Chapter 10: Mathematics Invitations: Geometry and Design


    Mary Ann Cappiello and Erika Thulin Dawes are Professors of Language and Literacy in the Graduate School of Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.