2nd Edition

Textbook of Erectile Dysfunction

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ISBN 9781841846460
Published December 22, 2008 by CRC Press
1176 Pages 250 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects 20-30 million American men, most of whom are over 50 years of age. In a UK-based study, 32% of British men had difficulty obtaining an erection, 20% with maintaining an erection. In recent years the physiology and pathophysiology of ED  have changed our understanding of what ED is from a purely psychological-based disorder to a multifactorial one, with neurological, endocrinological, psychological factors and the role of the vascular system. Recently identified risk factors include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, spinal cord injury, smoking, depression, atherosclerosis, hypertension, pelvic surgery and trauma, pharmacological medications, arthritis, peripheral vascular disease, substance abuse, endocrine abnormalities and peptic ulcer disease. Many ED patients have a combination of these risk factors, thus exacerbating ED further. The treatment of ED was revolutionized in 1998 with the introduction of sildenafil. Beside these oral treatments, newer injectable agents are being investigated as are topical preparations. However, not all patients are tolerant of oral agents, many patients still require penile reconstruction with penile implants, an option with low complications and morbidity. There are options for all patients and this excellent, updated text, edited by some of the world's leading authorities - Culley Carson, Roger Kirby and Irwin Goldstein - discusses them all.

Table of Contents

Section I Basic Science  1. History of Erectile Dysfunction  2. The history of the International Society for Sexual Medicine   3. Epidemiology of Erectile Dysfunction  4. Anatomy of Erectile Function  5. Microscopic Anatomy of Erectile Tissue  6. Vascular Physiology of Erectile Function  7. Central Nervous System Control of Sexual Function in the Male and Female  8. Ejaculatory Physiology  9. Endocrinology of Male Sexual Function  10. Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction: Molecular Basis  11. Neurotransmitters in the Corpus Cavernosum: Nitric Oxide and Beyond  12. Receptor Pharmacology Related to Erectile Dysfunction  13. Environmental Erectile Dysfunction   14. Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment of Carcinoma of the Prostate  Section II Risk Factors and Clinical Evaluation  15. Vascular Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction  16. Mediterranean Diet and Erectile Dysfunction   17. Pharmacologic Risk Factors for Altered Male Sexual Function 18. Male Sexual Dysfunction and the Prostate  19. Basic Clinical Assessment of the Patient with Erectile Dysfunction  20. The Contemporary Role of Penile Duplex Scanning  21. Imaging in Erectile Dysfunction  22. Neurophysiologic Testing in Erectile Dysfunction  23. Biopsy of the Corpus Cavernosum  24. Endocrine Evaluation of Male Sexual Dysfunction   25. The Biopsychosocial Evaluation of Erectile Dysfunction  26. Erectile Dysfunction: the Couple Context  27. Primary Care Evaluation and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction   Section III Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction  28. PDE5 Inhibitors: Molecular Basis  29. PDE5 Inhibitors: Non ED Vascular Effects  30. Sildenafil: Pharmacologic and Clinical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction  31. Tadalafil: Long Acting PDE5 Inhibitor  32. Vardenafil: Biochemically Potent PDE5 Inhibitor  33. The Princeton Guidelines for Treatment  34. PDE5: Safety and Adverse Events  35. Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypogonadism  36.  Central Nervous System Agents for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction  37. Intracavernosal Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction  38. Invicorp in Erectile Dysfunction  39. Vacuum Systems for Erectile Dysfunction  40. Integrated Sex Therapy  41. Gene Therapy in Erectile Dysfunction  42. Stem and Endothelial Progenitor Cells in Erectile Biology  43. Mechanical, Malleable, and Soft Semi-rigid Penile Implants  44. Inflatable Penile Protheses  in Erectile Dysfunction  45. Inflatable Penile Prostheses  46. Design, Development, and Use of Questionnaires and Surveys in the Evaluation and Management of Sexual Dysfunction: Erectile Dysfunction  47. Assessment of  Male Ejaculatory Disorders  48. Clinical Trial Design for Erectile Dysfunction  49. Sexual Function in Congential Anomalies  50. Veno-occlusive impotence  51. Penile Fracture  Section IV Special Problems  52. Risks, Complications, and Outcomes of Penile Lengthening and Augmentation Procedures  53. Peyronie’s Disease: Evaluation and Medical Treatment  54. Peyronie’s Disease: Surgical Treatment  55. Priapism   56. PDE5 Inhibitor Therapy for Priapism  57. Augmentation of PDE5 Inhibitor Response  59. Diabetic ED  60. Chronic Renal Failure and Sexual Dysfunction  61. Evaluation of Ejaculatory Disorders  62. Medical Treatment of Ejaculatory Dysfunction  63. Topical Agents for the Treatment of Premature Ejaculation  64. Potency Preserving Surgery: Radical Prostatectomy and other Pelvic Surgery  65. Rehabilitation of Sexual Function following Prostatectomy  66. Sexual Dysfunction and Prostate Cancer Therapy  67. Gender Reassignment Surgery

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'This textbook provides a comprehensive review of the major aspects of erectile dysfunction, with contributions from the acknowledged experts in this field ... The volume, which is presented in a clear, concise and extremely readable fashion, will be of particular interest to surgeons, physicians and health care workers interested in erectile dysfunction.' (British Journal of Surgery)