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Currently, more than 617 million people are aged 65 and older, accounting for about 8.5% of the world’s population. To enhance students’ understanding of the issues associated with aging, an increasing number of academic programs include a life-span perspective or opt to incorporate consideration of aging processes among the topics they include in the curriculum. The Routledge/Taylor and Francis Textbooks in Aging Series is designed to address the growing need for new educational materials in the field of gerontology. Featuring both full-length and supplemental texts, the series offers cutting-edge interdisciplinary material in gerontology and adult development and aging, with authored or edited volumes by renowned gerontologists who address contemporary topics in a highly readable format. The series features texts covering classic topics in adult development and aging in fresh ways as well as volumes presenting hot topics from emerging research findings. These texts are relevant to courses in human development and family studies, psychology, gerontology, human services, sociology, social work, and health-related fields. Undergraduate or graduate instructors can use these texts by selecting a series volume as a companion to the standard text in an introductory course, by combining several of the series volumes to use as instructional materials in an advanced course, or by assigning one series volume as the primary text for an undergraduate or graduate course or seminar. If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the series please contact Rosemary Blieszner at [email protected] or Karen A. Roberto at [email protected].

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Introduction to Senior Transportation Enhancing Community Mobility and Transportation Services

Introduction to Senior Transportation: Enhancing Community Mobility and Transportation Services

1st Edition

By Helen K. Kerschner, Nina M. Silverstein
February 07, 2018

Introduction to Senior Transportation focuses on an issue that is a growing concern—the community mobility needs of older adults. Surpassing the coverage available in existing gerontology textbooks, it enables the reader to understand and appreciate the challenges faced by older adults as they make...

Research Design in Aging and Social Gerontology Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods

Research Design in Aging and Social Gerontology: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods

1st Edition

By Joyce Weil
March 08, 2017

Research Design in Aging and Social Gerontology provides a review of methodological approaches and data-collection methods commonly used with older adults in real-life settings. It addresses the role of normative age-related sensory, cognitive, and functional changes, as well as the influence of ...

Latinos in an Aging World Social, Psychological, and Economic Perspectives

Latinos in an Aging World: Social, Psychological, and Economic Perspectives

1st Edition

By Ronald J. Angel, Jacqueline L. Angel
August 01, 2014

This book fosters a deeper understanding of the growing Latino elderly population and the implications on society. It examines post-WWII demographic and social changes and summarizes research from sociology, psychology, economics, and public health to shed light on the economic, physical, and ...

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