1st Edition

The 5S Innovation Model A Tech-Innovation Strategy for the Mine of the Future

By Antonio 'Tony' Nieto Copyright 2024
    118 Pages 67 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book is aimed to help us look into the future of mining by defining ultimate operational conditions that will be present in a typical mining operation regardless of how far in the future. It introduces an innovation strategy designed to identify current and future technologies to achieve specific ultimate operational conditions that will be present in ‘the mine of the future’.

    The mining innovation strategy presented here is the result of several innovation projects where the author had the opportunity to assist and had successfully implemented it at several mining companies and mining research institutions around the world, including Australia, South Africa, the United States, Canada, Peru, and Mexico. This innovation strategy is designed to be consistent with any type of mining method as well as any commodity being mined, such as metal or nonmetal mining, soft-rock or hard-rock mining, underground or surface mining.

    The five ultimate mining operational conditions or drivers discussed in this book were carefully defined considering current operational and technology trends, which will keep any mining company competitive during the following decades. The mining innovation strategy thus considers five ultimate operational conditions or drivers (1) Achieving maximum safety, (2) simplifying systems, (3) using smart-intelligent systems, (4) designing stealth operations, and (5) sustainable use of environmental and human resources within the operation. These five innovation drivers are common denominators to any mining method, regardless of their operational nature or commodity being mined either today or in the future.

    It is thus envisaged that the mining innovation model introduced in this book can serve as an initial guideline for the mining industry to better identify current and future technologies that need to be addressed today.

    1. The dynamics of innovation, long-wave tech-business cycles
    2. The information–innovation cycle
    3. Innovation driver of the industry of the future
    4. Innovation constraints in mining
    5. The five innovation drivers for the minerals industry
    6. The future of mining: safe
    7. The future of mining: simple
    8. The future of mining: smart
    9. The future of mining: stealth
    10. The future of mining: sustainable
    11. Innovation roadmap to the mine of the future


    Antonio Nieto is a highly experienced mining engineer who has dedicated his career to advancing the mining industry. With over 30 years of experience, he has played a key role in numerous mining projects across the Americas, Europe, and Africa. Dr. Nieto's area of expertise lies in designing and implementing projects that enhance the safety and efficiency of mining operations, as well as developing innovative technologies for this purpose. He is a leading figure in the mining industry and a vocal advocate of sustainable mining practices on the international stage. Currently, Dr. Nieto is the Director of the FLS Mining Technology and Research Center located in Salt Lake City, USA. His current research interests include mining innovation and technology, mineral reserves, and mineral economics.