64 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    64 Pages
    by Productivity Press

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    The 5s Pocket Guide is designed to enhance awareness of the principles behind the 5s System and identify its impact on improving efficiency and promoting a safe working environment. Using a condensed format, it outlines a disciplined methodology for implementing 5s, organized around a six-step method.

    The six step method:

    1. Planning a course of action
    2. Educating the work group
    3. Evaluating the work area
    4. Initiating the 5S's
    5. Measuring the results
    6. Maintaining 5S activities

    The innumerable benefits of the 5s System include shorter cycle times, increased floor space, reduced lead times and training cycles, lowered accident rates, enhanced communication, and less inventory. By employing this handy resource, organizations can more easily build employee awareness of 5s throughout their plants, leading to dramatic improvements in productivity, safety, and profitability.

    Introducing the 5S's
    Beginning 5S Implementation
    Initiating the 5S
    Continuous Improvement of the 5S Process


    James Petersen