1st Edition

The 90-Day ISO 9000 Manual

By Peter Mauch, James Stewart, Frank Straka Copyright 1994
    184 Pages
    by CRC Press

    184 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Designed and written by professionals with extensive ISO 9000 Certification experience, the techniques and forms in this Manual have been used successfully to achieve certification at over 50 companies. The 90-Day ISO 9000 Manual provides the basic system you need in place to satisfy an ISO 9000 Audit.
    First, ISO 9000 is explained and the registration process described in detail. Next, you are taken through exactly what you need to do to prepare for an audit. You are given the working instructions and forms you need to meet certification requirements. The forms are unique and have been designed specifically for ISO 9000 standards.
    Since ISO 9000 is not designed to be a TQM program the authors have also included a special section that provides the information, instructions and forms needed for quality audits such as Q94 or Z1. If you want to take your program further than just ISO 9000 certification, the material is available to you.
    The 90-Day ISO 9000 Manual includes the latest published draft of Q91 DIS, which is the formal public review copy. Companies that have recently been audited have noticed that certain improvements in documentation have been expected by registrars. These improvements require rewording the old standards. The new standards have been incorporated in this manual and several schemes have been modified.
    The authors of The 90-Day ISO 9000 Manual have extensive experience working on ISO 9000 standards review, consulting with companies developing programs, registrar experience and international ISO 9000 activities. This manual will reflect a practical approach to registration for the next five years.

    ISO 9000: "The Basics" Book
    1. What Is ISO 9000 and Why Is It Needed?
    Development of Standards
    How Was ISO 9000 Developed?
    International Aspects of ISO 9000
    The ISO 9000 Forum
    ISO 9000 Adoption
    International Standards Application
    Regulation of Products for Sale in the European Community
    ISO 9000/IEC Guide 25
    European Community Product Safety and Liability Directives
    Quality System Registration
    European Accreditation of Certification
    European Organization for Testing and Certification
    The European Organization for Quality
    The European Committee for Quality Systems and Certification
    European Network for Quality Systems Assessment and Certification
    Agreements between the European Community and Other European Countries
    The ISO 9000 Standard and Non-European Countries
    ISO 9000 Standards for the United States
    Benefits vs. Cost of ISO 9000
    Selecting the Registrar
    Costs of Registration
    The Role of Consultants in ISO 9000 Registration
    2. Quality Concepts Contributing to the ISO 9000 Standard
    History of Quality Control Systems
    Quality in a Craft Society
    Quality in the Mill
    Beginnings of Quality Control
    The Quality Improvement Era
    Aspects of ISO 9000 Implementation
    Quality Cost
    Quality as a System
    Product Design
    Quality Culture
    Total Quality Control: The Ishikawa Approach
    What Is Quality Control?
    The Quality Thought Revolution
    Knowing True Quality
    Expressing the Quality
    The Quality Circle
    Why Did Zero Defects Fail?
    Financial, Performance, and Quality Audits: A Comparison of Similar Approaches
    ISO 9000 and Management by Objectives
    3. Applying the Quality Sciences to ISO 9000
    How Does Quality Apply?
    Quality in Business
    Quality Organization
    Business Modeling
    Quality Organization as the Feedback Measure
    Defining the Service
    Service Analysis: A Telemarketing Example
    Dilemma of Inexact Definitions
    Risk Evaluation Criteria
    Characteristic Parameters
    Defining the Process
    Organizational Chart
    Procedural Flow Diagrams
    Procedural Analysis
    Procedural Flow Diagrams and ISO 9000
    Problem Solving
    Inspection and Testing, Calibration, and Quality Records
    Inspection and Testing
    Quality Records
    Management Responsibility, Auditing, Corrective and Preventive Action
    4. Quality Beyond ISO 9000
    Common Issues
    Problems in Implementing Quality Theory
    Comments on Quality Standards
    Standard for Total Quality Management
    0 Introduction
    1 Scope, Purpose, and Application
    2 Normative References
    3 Definitions
    4 Management Leadership
    5 Quality Information System and Results
    6 Utilization of People
    7 Customer Needs Identification
    8 Service, Process, and Product Development
    9 Operations
    10 Quality Improvement


    Peter Mauch, James Stewart, Frank Straka