1st Edition

The A3 Workbook
Unlock Your Problem-Solving Mind

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ISBN 9781439834893
Published October 5, 2010 by Productivity Press
183 Pages 84 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Encouraging efficiency, clarity, and disciplined thinking, A3 Problem Solving identifies a problem, describes the objective, and summarizes fact finding and action steps, all on a single A3-sized piece of paper. This approach provides all employees at all levels with a method to quickly identify a problem, analyze it to root cause, select appropriate countermeasures, and communicate necessary actions to decision makers.

The A3 Workbook: Unlock Your Problem-Solving Mind is designed to teach A3 Problem Solving to workers at every level of an organization. Uniquely qualified to author this workbook, Daniel Matthews is an expert trainer with 30 years of training experience including Lean implementation and Training within Industry (TWI). Fourteen of those years he spent with the Toyota Company, which created and made use of the A3 as a core component of continuous quality improvement.

This workbook provides a practical tool for solving specific problems or for making a specific proposal, while also encouraging the development of a corporate culture that empowers all employees to support continuous improvement. The workbook follows the progression of a basic A3 Problem Solving format, offering instructions every step of the way. To reinforce learning, it includes —

  • Case studies that readers can use to complete A3s
  • Tips on how to improve the readability of A3s
  • Examples of Problem Solving A3s, and a Proposal A3
  • Exercises to reinforce what’s learned
  • Worksheet templates that can be reproduced for future problem solving

An effective problem-solving process is a critical part of implementing efficient business practices and a problem-solving culture is a fundamental component of empowering employees to support business improvements. Both of these components, taken together, can help any organization make continuous improvements on the long journey to creating a more productive and profitable business.

Table of Contents

The Origin of A3
A3 Formats
Folding the A3
How A3 Fits into Your Organization

A3 Problem-Solving Overview
A3 and the PDCA Cycle
Definition of a Problem
Types of Problems
How Problems Come to Us

Problem Situation
     Production Standards Exercise
     Office Standards Exercise
Current Situation
     Production Problem Statement Exercise
     Office Problem Statement Exercise
     Tank Weld Scenario

The Difference between Targets and Goals
Structure of an Effective Target
     Target Statement Exercise

General Theme Categories
Creating the Theme
     Theme Statement Exercise

Loud-&-Clear Speaker
Practice Case Study

Cause Analysis
Cause Analysis Process
Determining Root Cause
Therefore Test
     Production 5-Why Exercise
     Office 5-Why Exercise

Selecting the "Right" Countermeasures
Brainstorming Countermeasures
Narrow Countermeasure List
Evaluate Remaining Countermeasures
Selecting Countermeasure(s)

The 3-Cs for Success
Create the Plan
     List Required Steps
     Sequence Required Steps
Communicate the Plan
Carry out the Plan

Evaluating the Result
How to Check
When to Check
Recommended Actions

Putting It All Together
Dave’s Fabrication Case Study: Part A
Dave’s Fabrication Case Study: Part B
Dave’s Fabrication Case Study: Part C
Dave’s Fabrication Case Study: Part D
Dave’s Fabrication Case Study: Part E

Improve Your A3’s Effectiveness
Sequencing the Flow of an A3
Common A3 Visuals
     Basic Equations
     Line Graphs
     Data Tables
     Pareto Charts
     Pie Charts
     Sketches and Drawings
Visuals Practice
     Line Graph Exercise
     Data Table Exercise
     Pareto Chart Exercise
     Pie Chart Exercise
     Pictogram Exercise
Titan Case Part A: A3 with Visuals Practice
Titan Case Part B: A3 with Visuals Practice


Production Standards Exercise Answers
Office Standards Exercise Answers
Production Problem Statement Exercise Answers
Office Problem Statement Exercise Answers
Target Statement Exercise Answers
Theme Statement Exercise Answers
Loud-&-Clear Answer
Production 5-Why Exercise Answers
Office 5-Why Exercise Answers
Line Graph Exercise Answer
Data Table Exercise Answer
Pareto Chart Exercise Answer
Pie Chart Exercise Answer
Pictogram Exercise Answer
Dave’s Fabrication Blank A3
Dave’s Fabrication A3 Answer
Titan Blank A3
Titan A3 Answer
5S Problem Report A3
Food Service Proposal A3
Maintenance Training Proposal A3
Blank Problem-Solving A3 Format

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The A3 Workbook can be used by companies to develop the problem-solving skills of their employees -leading not only to improved profit, quality, productivity, safety, and delivery, but also to a culture that understands the value of developing people at every level. With the workbook readers can actually practice applying the skills described in each section. Especially for managers who are realizing that they must develop their entire workforce in order to help their organization achieve its goals and objectives, The A3 Workbook provides anyone at any level within an organization with the tools they need to be effective problem solvers.
Sirreadalot.org, November 2010

A3 Problem Solving is a problem-solving method that identifies a problem, describes the objective, and summarizes fact-finding and action steps all on one A3-sized piece of paper. This Book/CD-ROM package teaches A3 Problem Solving to workers at any level in an organization. The workbook follows the progression of a basic A3 Problem Solving format, with step-by-step instructions, case study exercises, and reproducible worksheet templates. About 45 pages of appendices provide answers for exercises, plus blank templates. The book can be used by companies and organizations to help develop the problem-solving skills of their employees, as part of a company culture that understands the value of developing people at every level.
—In Research Book News, booknews.com, February 2011

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