The ABCs of IP Addressing  book cover
1st Edition

The ABCs of IP Addressing

ISBN 9780849311444
Published November 28, 2001 by Auerbach Publications
210 Pages 77 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Our world is rapidly becoming an Internet-based world, with tens of millions of homes, millions of businesses, and within a short period of time, possibly hundreds of millions of mobile professionals accessing the literal mother of all networks. One of the key problems affecting many Internet users, ranging from individual professionals to networking managers and administrators, is a lack of knowledge concerning Internet Protocol (IP) addressing.

A detailed reference guide, The ABCs of IP Addressing provides you with the detailed information about the key challenges of IP addressing and designing networks that work efficiently. It takes you from the basics of the binary numbering system to advanced topics in subnetting, network address translation, and configuring workstations, servers and routers. The book contains network tools that prepare you for testing and troubleshooting and highlights the need for techniques that conserve the use of IP addressing as well as the creation of a next generation IP addressing structure. While structured on a chapter by chapter basis, wherever possible each chapter was written to be independent, making the book convenient and easy to use in a hectic work environment.

While you may find it possible to design a network or configure a workstation to operate without a detailed knowledge of IP addressing, the end results are not very efficient. And in the quickly changing global business environment, inefficiency wastes your time and money, both valuable resources for gaining and maintaining the competitive edge. With The ABCs of IP Addressing you get the comprehensive coverage of applications and protocols that help you do your job faster and more effectively.

Table of Contents

Book Preview

The TCP/IP Protocol Suite
The OSI Reference Model
Overview of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
The Network Layer
The Internet Protocol and Related Protocols
The Transport Layer

IPv4 Addressing Basics and the DNS
IPv4 Addressing
Networking Basics
The Domain Name System

The Role of Special IP Addresses
The Loopback Address
All 0s
Basic Broadcast Address
Broadcasts to Networks
Subnet Broadcast Addresses
RFC 1918 Addresses
Anti-Spoofing Considerations

The Subnetting Process
Subnet Design Considerations

CIDR and Multicast Operations
Routing Protocols

Network Address Translation and IP Naming Services
Network Address Translation
IP Naming Services

Working with IPv6
The IPv6 Header
Address Architecture

Network Utility Tools


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