1st Edition

The ADHD Empowerment Guide Identifying Your Child's Strengths and Unlocking Potential

By James W. Forgan, Mary Anne Richey Copyright 2019
    270 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Rated one of the "Best ADHD Books of All Time" by Book Authority 

    The ADHD Empowerment Guide is different from other parenting ADHD books because it helps parents identify and build upon their child's strengths and natural talents in order to develop a specific plan to unlock their child's potential. Parents are invited to complete two easy-to-follow questionnaires to identify their child's natural abilities, as well as determine key characteristics in their child that research has shown to help children with ADHD succeed in life. These characteristics include emotional control, integrity, grit, resiliency, resourcefulness, organization, motivation, school fit, support systems, and productive use of technology. Using the practical strategies presented, strength-building activities, and the information learned from the questionnaires, parents can develop a success plan that will unlock their child's potential and build a positive outlook on the journey of raising a child with ADHD. The authors, two professionals who have “been there and done that” with their own children with ADHD, illustrate their strategies and content by highlighting successful people with ADHD who excelled in various areas and share some of their success secrets to raising a successful child with ADHD.

    Acknowledgements Introduction Chapter 1 Success With ADHD Chapter 2 Dream Big, but Realistically: You Make a Difference Chapter 3 Unlocking Your Child’s Potential Visual-Spatial Intelligence Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence Linguistic Intelligence Interpersonal Intelligence Logical Intelligence Musical Intelligence Intrapersonal Intelligence Naturalistic Intelligence Chapter 4 Keys to Success Motivation Emotional Stability and Behavioral Control Integrity Social Skills Grit Organization Resilience Resourcefulness Appropriate School Setting Support Systems Productive Use of Technology Chapter 5 Treatments for Success Chapter 6 Understanding Your Rights Chapter 7 Finding the Right Fit Chapter 8 The Success Plan: Focused on the Future References Appendix A: Success Surveys Appendix B: Coping Menu About the Authors


    Jim Forgan, Ph.D., is an associate professor and Licensed School Psychologist. He teaches others how to teach and assess children with ADHD and other types of learning disabilities at Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, FL. In private practice, he works with families of children with ADHD and other learning differences. Jim consults with public and private schools doing workshops on ADHD, dyslexia, problem solving, and accommodations for learning disabilities. He is also the parent of a young son with ADHD.

    Mary Anne Richey, M.Ed., is a licensed school psychologist with degrees from Virginia Tech and Florida Atlantic University. In 2012, she was named Florida School Psychologist of the Year. She worked for the school district of Palm Beach County and now maintains a private practice.

    "The ADHD Empowerment Guide is truly worth the time to read by not only parents, but educators, administrators and health care professionals as well. The work is laid out to give the reader not only information on ADHD but how to go farther in helping a child with ADHD and help to unlock all they can be. Then using the authors "Keys" help to unlock their successes. The work is filled with resources and references to assist the reader to seek out information and get a better understanding of what is going on in the child's mind and how to make the best of the situation on a day to day basis." – Lewie Dunn, Georgia Military College, 4/20/19

    "The ADHD Empowerment Guide is a fabulous find for anyone who deals with children or teens with ADHD, but I can think of many more students that these ideas would help outside the ADHD diagnosis. I love this more positive approach!" – Joanne Bell, MiddleWeb, 6/20/19