1st Edition

The Accurate Use of Chinese Practical Sentence Structures and Word Usage for English Speakers

By Wen-Hua Teng Copyright 2022
    316 Pages
    by Routledge

    316 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Accurate Use of Chinese: Practical Sentence Structures and Word Usage for English Speakers is a unique learning resource for learners of Chinese who are English speakers. The primary goal is twofold: to help these learners leverage their existent knowledge in English and navigate the Chinese system with fewer obstacles; and also to help them prevent errors of which the underlying cause may be English. This is done through comparisons of selected grammar topics, language rules and word usages between the two languages. Grammar topics in English serve as the comparison points from which learners can gain a deeper understanding of the comparable, but differing structures in Chinese. The book's comparative approach is unique and innovative, designed to build a more nuanced and instinctive approach to grammar.

    A valuable resource for beginners to advanced learners and instructors of Chinese, the book contextualizes grammar structures and provides in-depth information not covered in Chinese language textbooks.

    Part I (Sentence Patterns)

    1. How to use because in Chinese

    2. Complex sentences

    3. Contrasts and Contradictions

    4. Infinitive (to + verb) and "adjective + noun" as adjectives

    5. Information sequence

    6. The representations of it in Chinese

    7. Linking verbs and their Chinese counterparts

    8. Omission and replacement of nouns or pronouns

    9. The Chinese representations of English past tense and present perfect tense

    10. English and Chinese prepositional phrases: word orders and grammatical features

    11. Comparing the use of basic punctuation in English and Chinese

    12. Conditional sentences, the Subjunctive mood and using if

    Part II (Word Usages)

    1. Almost

    2. Already

    3. First

    4. Happy

    5. Live

    6. Must

    7. Once

    8. Only

    9. Or

    10. Since

    11. Some

    12. Then

    Part III (Common Errors)



    Wen-Hua Teng is Associate Professor of Instruction in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, USA. She is the author of Yufa: A Practical Guide to Mandarin Chinese Grammar and Essential Chinese Vocabulary: Rules and Scenarios.