1st Edition

The Actors in Europe's Foreign Policy

By Christopher Hill Copyright 1997
    332 Pages
    by Routledge

    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    Five years ago observers might have doubted that national foreign policies would continue to be of importance: it seemed inevitable that collective European positions were becoming ever more common and effective. Now the pendulum has swung back with a vengeance. The divided European responses to the prospect of war with Iraq in 1990-91, and to the war in the Balkans have made what happens in the national capitals seem divisive.
    The Actors in Europe's Foreign Policy is a timely survey of the interplay between the European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy and the long-established national foreign policies of the Union's Member-States. The book contains a chapter on each country in the Union as well as a chapter on the United States in its role as the `thirteenth seat at the table'. There is also a chapter on the European Commission, whose role in the external relations of the Community steadily grew during the 1980's.
    This book will be invaluable for students and scholars of the European Union and of international politics. It will also be of great interest to practitioners in all countries concerned with Europe's role in international affairs.

    Introduction, Christopher Hill, William Wallace; Part 1 The major actors; Chapter 1 France, Françoise de La Serre; Chapter 2 Germany’s role in the CFSP, Reinhardt Rummel; Chapter 3 United Kingdom, Christopher Hill; Chapter 4 Regional reassertion, Gianni Bonvicini; Chapter 5 Spain, Esther Barbé; Chapter 6 The Commission, Simon Nuttall; Part 2 The smaller countries; Chapter 7 Belgium, Christian Franck; Chapter 8 Denmark, Bertel Heurlin; Chapter 9 Greece, Panos Tsakaloyannis; Chapter 10 Ireland and common security, Patrick Keatinge; Chapter 11 Luxembourg New commitments, new assertiveness, Pierre-Louis Lorenz; Chapter 12 The Netherlands, Alfred Pijpers; Chapter 13 Portugal, Álvaro de Vasconcelos; Conclusions, David Allen;


    Christopher Hill is Montague Burton Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics. He has written widely on issues of foreign policy analysis, particularly British foreign policy and the external relations of the European Community.

    'This volume id rich in detail and explains the evolution of European actors' foreign policies very well...this volume should prove useful to students, foreign policy analysts, and decision-makers alike.' - West European Politics, Vol 21, No.4 Oct 98