1st Edition

The Ad-Makers How the Best TV Commercials are Produced

By Tom von Logue Newth Copyright 2013

    The Ad-Makers looks at the cinematic form where commerce and creativity collide most dramatically: the TV commercial. Featuring interviews from top professionals in the field, the book provides the kind of behind-the-scenes expertise that it usually takes a lifetime of professional practice to acquire. Gathered from the disciplines of cinematography, directing, producing, and editing, the filmmakers tell the stories behind the making of some of the world’s top commercials. Each chapter includes an overview of best practice and a host of images—stills from the spots themselves and concept visuals. Exploring the creative process from conception to post-production, The Ad-Makers also covers developments within the industry precipitated by the digital age and the new challenges placed on ad-making by the explosion of social media. With special focus on the shooting and production elements of making a television advert, this book is ideal for all filmmakers who want to build a career in advertising or even feature films.

    • The stories behind some of the best-known TV commercials, as told by the people who made them

    • Top producers, designers, storyboarders, directors, editors, and visual effects creatives reveal the secrets of the television advertising industry

    Introduction; TV Advertising in the Internet Age; Stages from Conception to Distribution; Corporate Conception to Creative; Overall Campaign Plan; Product Identity, Message, and Audience; The Agency Takes Over; Refining the Conceptual Deck; Interview: Agency CEO LUKE MUGLISTON; Preproduction; Scripting and Storyboarding; Development of Vision with Production; Company and Director; Logistics; Interview: Executive Producer DAVID LYONS; Interview: Director FREDRIK BOND; Interview: Production Designer JOHN EBDE; Interview: Agency Producer CHRIS HARRISON; Interview: Storyboard Artist CORRAN BROWNLEE; The Shoot; Logistics; The Onset of Digital; Interview: Director DANIEL KLEINMAN; Interview: Director BRUCE MACWILLIAMS; Interview: Cinematographer ARTURO SMITH; Interview: Director of Photography BEN SERESIN ; Post-Production; Editing; Digital Effects and Animation; Interview: Visual Effects and CGI Supervisor DAN SEDDON ; Interview: Editor STEVE GANDOLFI ; New Horizons; Life Beyond Television; Television Re-imagined; New Possibilities; An Industry Adapts; Less Money, Less Time


    TOM VON LOGUE NEWTH is a Calfornia-based cinematographer, author, and critic who has written extensively on fi lm and worked on many independent movies including Incident at Barstow, Alice in Murderland and Marcel et les petits pois. His reviews and criticism have been published in The Time Out Film Guide and a variety of fi lm journals, and he is currently writing a critical biography of Rainer Werner Fassbinder.