1st Edition

The Adam Smith Review Volume 13

Edited By Fonna Forman Copyright 2023
    406 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Adam Smith’s contribution to economics is well recognised, yet scholars have recently been exploring anew the multidisciplinary nature of his works. The Adam Smith Review is a rigorously refereed annual review that provides a unique forum for interdisciplinary debate on all aspects of Adam Smith’s works, his place in history and the significance of his writings to the modern world. It is aimed at facilitating debate among scholars working across the humanities and social sciences, thus emulating the reach of the Enlightenment world which Smith helped to shape.

    This 13th volume demonstrates, perhaps more so than any other issue in recent memory, the dazzling breadth and diversity of Smith scholarship across the disciplines today – from studies of hospitals, balls and monsters to colonies, clerisy, language and the mind; from issues of empathy, compassion, cohesion, translation, representation, paternalism and moral innovation, to Smith’s influence on Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, American and Italian thought and practice. Adam Smith remains our companion, always provoking us and stimulating creative directions in our thinking and research.

    Chile Symposium: "Adam Smith's Legacy in Political Economy"

    Introduction: Chile Symposium
    Leonidas Montes

    Stronger than a Rope of Sand? The 'Problem' of Cohesion in a Commercial Society
    Christopher J. Berry

    Empathy and Perspective: a Smithian Conception of Humanity
    Samuel Fleischacker

    Adam Smith, The Liberal
    Deirdre N. McCloskey

    Mutual Sympathy, Hospitals, and Balls: David Hume’s Objection to the 'Hinge' of Adam Smith’s Moral Theory
    Dennis C. Rasmussen

    First-Order Compassion and Second-Order Compassion: One Central Difference in the Social Thought of David Hume and Adam Smith Regarding the Installment of Social Stability
    Dirk Schuck

    Adam Smith and the Traditional Chinese Elite on Commerce prior to the Translation of Adam Smith into Chinese
    Lutao Sophia Wang

    Melancton Smith, Adam Smith, and the Sympathy Theory of Representation
    Trevor Latimer

    David Hume and Adam Smith on Public Debt and "American Affairs"
    Ecem Okan

    University of Palermo Symposium: Cross-disciplinary Studies on Adam Smith's Language and Translated Works

    Introduction: Palermo Symposium
    Cristina Guccione

    Adam Smith on Language and his Epistemology
    Iara Vigo de Lima

    'Oeconomy' and 'Political Oeconomy' in the Theory of Moral Sentiments and in The Wealth of Nations
    Luigi Alonzi

    Translation as the Convergence of Politico-economic and Linguistic Matters: The Portuguese Version of Adam Smith’s Considerations Concerning the First Formation of Languages (1816)
    Marco E.L. Guidi and Monica Lupetti

    Colonies and Slave Labour in the First Translation of The Wealth of Nations into Portuguese
    Mauricio C. Coutinho

    Economics Terms from Scotland to Italy: the First Italian Translations of Smith’s The Wealth of Nations (1790/91–1851)
    Cristina Guccione


    Thomas Chalmers' Clerisy: A Legacy of Adam Smith's Last Teachings
    Lorenzo Garbo

    A Theory of Sociality, Morality, and Monsters: Adam Smith and Mary Shelley
    Jan Osborn, Bart J. Wilson, Mitchell Briggs, Alison M. Lee, and Alec Moss

    Moral Innovation and the Man Within the Breast
    Dylan DelliSanti

    Machine and System. Adam Smith and the Encyclopédistes
    Pedro Pimenta

    Book Reviews

    Chris Berry, Adam Smith: A Very Short Introduction
    Anna Markwart

    Ryan Patrick Hanley, Our Great Purpose: Adam Smith on Living a Better Life
    F. E. Guerra-Pujol

    Ozler, Şule and Gabrinetti Paul, A., Psychoanalytic Studies of Smith: Towards a Theory of Moral Development and Social Relations
    Riccardo Bonfiglioli

    Tatsuya Sakamoto, David Hume and Adam Smith: A Japanese Perspective
    Maria Pia Paganelli

    Schliesser, Eric, Adam Smith Systematic Philosopher and Public Thinker
    Craig Smith

    Jacob Sider Jost, Interest and Connection in the Eighteenth Century: Hervey, Johnson, Smith, Equiano
    Karen Valihora


    Fonna Forman is Professor of Political Science at the University of California San Diego, where she is the Founding Director of the UCSD Center on Global Justice.