1st Edition

The Adam Smith Review: Volume 9

Edited By Fonna Forman Copyright 2017
    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    370 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Adam Smith’s contribution to economics is well-recognised, but in recent years scholars have been exploring anew the multidisciplinary nature of his works. The Adam Smith Review is a rigorously refereed annual review that provides a unique forum for interdisciplinary debate on all aspects of Adam Smith’s works, his place in history, and the significance of his writings to the modern world. It is aimed at facilitating debate between scholars working across the humanities and social sciences, thus emulating the reach of the Enlightenment world which Smith helped to shape.

    This ninth volume brings together leading scholars from across several disciplines to consider topics as diverse as Smith’s work in the context of scholars such as Immanuel Kant, Yan Fu and David Hume, Smith as the father of modern economics, and Smith’s views on education and trade. This volume also has a particular focus on Asia, and includes a section that presents articles from leading scholars from the region.

    0.1 Editorial Introduction

    Fonna Forman

    0.2 David Raphael (1916-2015): A Personal Appreciation

    Chris Berry

    1 Sorbonne Symposium: Adam Smith on Empire, the Invisible Hand and the Progress of Society

    Guest Editor: Benoit Walraevens

    1.1 Introduction

    Benoît Walraevens

    1.2 Adam Smith and Immanuel Kant as critics of Empire: International trade companies and global commerce versus

    Jus Commercii, Fotini Vaki

    1.3 Apoikia and Colonia – Smith’s Comments on the ‘Recent Disturbances’ in the Colonies

    Roberto R. Simiqueli

    1.4 Smith on the Colonialism and Republicanism of the Moderns Compared with that of the Ancients

    Barry Stocker

    1.5 Adam Smith's Socio-cultural Theory of Evolution: New Insights from his 1749 Lecture

    Thierry Pauchant

    1.6 The Idea of Historical Progress in the Transition from Enlightenment Historiography to Classical Political Economy

    Nathaniel Wolloch

    1.7 Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand: A brief History

    Toni Vogel Carey

    2 Adam Smith in International Contexts

    Guest Editor: Jeng-Guo S. Chen

    2.1 Introduction

    Jeng-Guo S. Chen

    2.2 Adam Smith and the Radical Enlightenment

    Sam Fleischacker

    2.3 Why Could Smith Become the Father of Modern Economics?

    Tatsuya Sakamoto

    2.4 Yan Fu’s Wealth of Nations: A Victorian Adam Smith in Late Qing China

    Jeng-Guo S. Chen

    2.5 ‘Regarding the Pain of Others’

    Eun Kyung Min

    2.6 Adam Smith's Early German Readers Reception, Misreception, and Critique

    Fania Oz-Salzberger

    2.7 Adam Smith and the Encyclopédie

    Ryan Patrick Hanley

    2.8 Adam Smith Scholarship in People’s Republic of China, 1949- 2013


    Fonna Forman is Associate Professor of Political Science and Founding Co-Director of the Center on Global Justice and the Blum Cross-Border Initiative at the University of California, San Diego, USA. She is Editor of The Adam Smith Review on behalf of the Adam Smith Society.